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Cultural Values Enforced by Hollywood Films - Movie Review Example

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The review “Cultural Values Enforced by Hollywood Films” illuminates how mass media impose on viewers the idea of an ideal social status, race, and gender. Often Hollywood films reflect the glamorous aspect of life, cultivating the thought that life is worthwhile only if high well-being is achieved.
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Cultural Values Enforced by Hollywood Films
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Extract of sample "Cultural Values Enforced by Hollywood Films"

Download file to see previous pages Recently, I watched “The Matrix.” Produced in 1999, is far-distanced from Plato in the span of time, but it’s almost a perfect vision of the hypothetical events of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  In “The Matrix,” Neo takes the place of the unnamed individual of Plato’s allegory.  Like him, Neo discovers from others that the reality he’s familiar with is nothing more than a shadow world.  Not by coincidence, the majority of human beings are kept chained in caverns underground, forced to see nothing but what the malevolent computer-intelligence wants them to see, just as the people in Plato’s cave are chained to their chairs, heads held in such as way as to prevent them from looking to either side.  When Neo is awakened to the idea that the world he knows is not the real world, he struggles with the concept, at first completely rejecting the idea and gradually becoming used to the concept.  Perhaps because of his previous understanding that he was a computer hacker, Neo begins to know more about the “true” reality of his world than even those who awakened him to it.  With this knowledge, he is able to accomplish things in the shadow world that most people deem impossible and functions to shake some of them out of their perceived bliss.  Because of this growing understanding of the reality of the world in which he finds himself, Neo is acclaimed by those who know of him and the things he can do as “the One,” the person who is destined to overthrow the computers and free humans to reality once again.  However, Neo, as Plato said he would, feels uncomfortable with such accolades as he feels he has done nothing special to deserve them.  He continuously tells others they just need to open their eyes to see what’s really happening in order to be able to do the same kinds of things.  As Plato predicted, Neo begins to feel responsible for the people he left behind in the cave and joins the rebel revolution against the machines that are working to dominate all human life.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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