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Christopher Columbus- The Discovery (1992) - Movie Review Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Christopher Columbus- The Discovery Introduction Christopher Columbus-The discovery is a film that is based actual events that took place in the 1940s that led to the discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus, which contributed to the exploration and eventual colonization of the American continents…
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Christopher Columbus- The Discovery (1992)
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"Christopher Columbus- The Discovery (1992)"

Download file to see previous pages Christopher Columbus proposed to the then king of Portugal John the Second in 1485 that he financially supports him in his voyage to the Atlantic in order for him to discover new lands. Christopher Columbus had been searching for financial support from various nations but in vain. The main reason why he lacked support was due to the fact that the Roman Catholic Church was against his voyages. This was a hardship for Christopher Columbus since the Roman Catholic had a lot of influence hence them being against him meant financial support from rulers would be difficult. The king John the second’s advisors rejected Columbus’ proposal. However, the Roman Catholic gave Columbus 12,000 Maravedis as an annual allowance in their effort to ensure that if Columbus made any discoveries then there was a possibility of the church claiming their rights on the lands. It was not until 1492 that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand agreed to sponsor Christopher Columbus in his voyage though they did this partly together with Italian investors (Brigham 24). In the agreement, Columbus was to be named Admiral of the ocean, and in all the lands that he discovered he was to be named the governor and viceroy of all these lands. Plot and Theme The film is about Christopher Columbus who is a navigator from Genoa with a dream to make sure he finds another route to West Indies since the route that is being used is particularly long hence very costly. The route in which he desires to discover is believed to be short involving sailing towards the west rather than east through the ocean. Christopher Columbus tries to get backing from the Portuguese king who rejects his proposal. He then turns to the king and queen of Spain Isabella and Ferdinand. Christopher Columbus faces a hard time convincing the man who is King Ferdinand’s lead advisor. However, Christopher Columbus is able to convince the king to fund him in his expedition after seducing the queen who helps in convincing her husband. Christopher Columbus is given command of three ships with a crew composed of mainly thieves and murderers who are the only people who can agree to undertake such a journey since it was dimmed to be dangerous and impossible. Christopher Columbus also faces a lot of opposition from the church especially from the priest who accuses him of going against God’s wishes because he advises Columbus not to go hence that is God’s Wish. In the film, Christopher Columbus faces a lot of challenges the church being the major problem. This is because, the church has a lot of influence hence what it directs is followed by everyone. Christopher Columbus decision to continue in his quest of finding an alternative route to the West Indies attracts a lot of hostility from both the church and other government officials hence his problem in getting the necessary finance needed to undertake the journey. Christopher Columbus also faces problems in his navigation of waters which are new to him. His ships are almost sunk by storms, and he even loses members of his crew. Christopher also faces a lot of hardship in controlling and maintaining discipline among his crew members who are mostly thieves and murderers. For instance, while at sea a mutiny takes place as a result of some men feeling that they are lost and Christopher Columbus will only lead them to their destruction. Columbus is also being spied on by Portugal which sends a spy to pose as one of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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