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Under The Eye of the Clock by Christopher Nolan - Book Report/Review Example

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We are living in a society where people feel pity for the disable people. They show their comfort and feel sorry for them, they do their work to help them rather than helping them in doing their work. This clearly is an indication that we don't think they can survive without us; we degrade them and yes, of course!…
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Under The Eye of the Clock by Christopher Nolan
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Extract of sample "Under The Eye of the Clock by Christopher Nolan"

Download file to see previous pages Being able bodied we don't consider the disable people anything. We don't think about their feelings, their view of life and their motives. I personally feel that we're unlucky not to have the tendency and power to look into their way of life and the challenges they have to face. For us, life is a bed of roses yet we cry for more comforts. We're ungrateful. Being normalized we can't envision life to be any other way. But, Christopher Nolan gives our mind a thought about those disable people. He opens our eyes towards a direction where we we are not willing to see. In his novel, Under the Eye of The Clock, published in 1987, Nolan excellently portrays a picture of his own life. After reading his marvelous book, we clearly understand what the life can be without the abilities we've. This reading also portrays a very exciting and different perspective of the disabled people. The reader after reading the story admires and values the writer's talent.
Christopher Nolan portrays himself as a badly disabled young boy named Joseph Meehan. Joseph Meehan is born with a severe brain damage and is known to the world as "the crippled boy". Joseph struggles to get rid of the restrictions and the limits imposed on him. Breathing in Ireland with cerebral palsy, captured in the coffin of his body, paralyzed and mute, we get the awareness of the struggles made by Joseph and his family to make him free of the isolation imposed on him by the nature and make his destiny a little better than what he had. Nolan expresses the fights he had with the self-indulgence in his childhood, his irregular gloom and irritation, the frequent solitude, his exceeding faith in God, the excitement of riding his sister's pony and a great and untiring struggle to go to a regular school and meeting and making friendship with new people.
Joseph Meehan is a breech birth and suffers from asphyxiation which causes him to suffer cerebral palsy. Joseph is unable to talk and is completely spastic, yet his family makes most of the essentials of life available for him. He is disabled but he never surrendered before his weaknesses, as he had the help and affection of his beloved ones. Joseph is one of those lucky people who receive special treatment and support. He is encircled with his family, friends and relatives who love him and protect him from any harm. He studies in a special education academy and has the guidance along with proper health and education facilities.
Joseph is rigorously disabled yet he shows his concern and projects an aim. He is desirable and struggling to achieve his goal. He gives no importance to the disabilities he is experiencing, as he has the power to get victory using his will power and determined nature. The story describes his growing wish to become a writer and poet. He learns to type by the help of his family, friends and teachers, a new medication and a new innovative tool which he called as his "unicorn stick". This tool becomes his way of communication and he eventually becomes able to share his inner feelings, ideas and thoughts. He had a great desire to let others know what he felt when he wasn't able to communicate with others, when he was a slave of his disabilities, when he had no one to understand what he thinks about the world and people, and he expressed all these feelings on the white papers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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