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The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Forces that Brought about the Invasion - Article Example

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"The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Forces that Brought about the Invasion" paper describes and explains the political and economic forces which came together from 1817 to 1846 to support the united states invasion of Mexico in 1846…
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The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Forces that Brought about the Invasion
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Extract of sample "The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Forces that Brought about the Invasion"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the territories led to a war with Mexico from which the United States emerged victorious, expanding its territories and decisively establishing its dominance in North America.

President Andrew Jackson led an example of an administration that set the stage for the way in which James Polk would lead. In 1817, as a still yet military leader, Jackson led the United States into the first of three conflicts with the Seminole Indians from which the acquisition of Florida from Spain would be negotiated and finalized. The situation with Spain was tenuous and should have been dealt with in a diplomatic and cautious manner, but in 1817 President Monroe wrote a letter to General Jackson stating that “Great interests are at issue, and until our course is carried through triumphantly & every species of danger to which it's exposed is settled on the most solid foundation, you ought not to withdraw your active support from it” (Howe 99).

Although there is every chance that this note might be interpreted as other than a mandate to Jackson to move forward with his own plan to seize all of Florida, he took this as a Presidential order to move forward with his own plan.

The invasion was swift and started the series of actions that would be aggressive within Florida, meanwhile stalling the negotiations that John Quincy Adams was in with the Spanish over purchasing the soon to state. Eventually, however, Adams managed to negotiate the Adams-Onis Treaty, or the Transcontinental Treaty of Washington, in which Spain both acquiesced occupied West Florida to the United States along with having ceded the rest of Florida along with it. The tenacity of the United States had made the territory worth less than the trouble it was brought to Spain. The Louisiana Purchase was finally stabilized and this new treaty with Spain accomplished giving territories that gave rights through the Sabine, Red, and Arkansas Rivers to the 42nd parallel over to the west banks in order for the whole of the rivers to belong to the United States for use in commerce. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Article, n.d.)
The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Article.
(The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Article)
The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Article.
“The 1846 Invasion into Mexico by the U. S.: The Political and Economic Article”.
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