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Historical Relationship of the Chinese and Tibetan People (The Chinese Invasion and Agreement 1949-51) - Essay Example

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HISTORICAL RELATIONSHIP OF THE CHINESE AND TIBETAN PEOPLE (THE CHINESE INVASION AND AGREEMENT 1949-51) Name: Professor: Law: Date: Historical Relationship of the Chinese and Tibetan People (The Chinese Invasion and Agreement 1949-51) Introduction The historical account of China Republic is often alienated clearly by historians into diverse historical era which include the Mao and the post Mao epoch…
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Historical Relationship of the Chinese and Tibetan People (The Chinese Invasion and Agreement 1949-51)
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"Historical Relationship of the Chinese and Tibetan People (The Chinese Invasion and Agreement 1949-51)"

Download file to see previous pages The new economical and political order was created during the Soviet Union; thus China experienced comparatively immovability since the commencement of the Opium War. In 1950s, the 1People’s Republic of China (PRC) undertook a massive relative stability and social reconstruction that was desperately welcomed by the mass that early were waiting for political and economic stability. The Chinese troops invaded Tibet; thereby contributing to sudden and violent issues. The exclusive brand on Buddhism created the core of Tibetan culture and society; hence this was a drastic contrast to the anti-region principles of the Chinese communists; therefore, Tibet’s spiritual and temporal leader fled into exile in India during the dawn of Chinese invasion. The remarkable culture and inhabitants of Tibet have been drastically persecuted; thus China’s anger in Tibet was seen as more brutal and inhuman than any other communist regime across the globe. Chinese invasion in Tibet The Chinese invasion of Tibet was one of the historical issues that have been focused by historians. However, despite the Chinese invasion and varied policies that were implemented and designed to assimilate Tibetans, as well as, destroy their separate national, religious and cultural identities, Tibetans people have always been determined in preserving their freedom and heritage; the 2newly created communist government in China sent troops to attack Tibet in 1949 to 1950. The agreement was forced on the government of Tibet granting sovereignty over Tibet but recognizing the Tibetan government’s independence with respect to the internal affairs of Tibet; the Tibet dishonored the agreement imposed by the Chinese and this opened confrontation to their rule, which increased; thus contributing to the state Uprising in 1959. The issue of China invasion made the international community to react with shock towards the Tibet shocking events. Many international communities such as the United Nations organized the general assembly where they discussed the Tibet events on several occasions. They passed three decrees during the general congregation where they condemned China for violating the rights of human beings in Tibet; thus, the United Nation called the nation of China to value the human rights of Tibetans. The obliteration of ethnicity and heritage, as well as, coercion of Tibet people was vicious during the year 1951. The increased oppression and violation of human right of Tibetans contribute to national uprising where many Tibetans died as a result of Chinese policies. Many properties, temples, historical buildings and many other places were destroyed due to China inversion issues. The Communist Party general secretary was alarmed to the extent of destruction in Tibet after the period of his visit to Tibet; thus he called for serious and drastic political reforms. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was portrayed as atrocious and cruel leader of the Chinese administration than any other communist system. However, political and policy reform led to significant changes that came very slowly after 1979. Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet The Chinese invasion in Tibet led to varied changes and policy reforms; thus the 17 point Agreement for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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