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Chinese Government and Media - Essay Example

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Many international journalists and reporters have accused the Chinese government of using state owned media as a too for spreading propaganda. They assert that the Chinese government deliberately hides information from its natives or it twists information in order to potray them in a positive light…
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Chinese Government and Media
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Download file to see previous pages This was a move that solicited negative remarks form a large number of Chinese more so in the Diaspora. According to this report, Chinese living in Canberra voiced their complaints against Taiwan's attempt to make themselves independent of the rest of China. The Chinese in Diaspora added that the only Group that had a right to represent China in the UN was the Chinese government.
Xinhaunet claimed that a large number of independent Chinese bodies oppose Taiwan's move to seek independent representation. Some of them included Australian Capital Territory, Federation of Chinese independence and Chinese Australian cultural exchange.
Additionally, Chinese in the Philippines also express their opposition of the Taiwan's move. The report further adds some of the views held by representatives of this body. Their views mostly highlight the government's position on the matter. For instance, there are references to the benefits that will come out of unification of different straits in China. These proponents assert that unification of Taiwan with the rest of China will prosper the economy. As if this is not enough, it will promote peace in the region. Assertions made by the Taiwanese leader to seek independent representation will only threaten peace in the region. ...
They asserted that Taiwan is a fundamental part of China and no single force can claim to separate from the rest of China. They also believe that if Taiwan is to seek representation, then all one point six billion Chinese should be given the opportunity to decide their future. Chen-the Taiwanese leader, outraged this latter group. They called this move a trick and claimed that there was indeed no room for discussion.
It is very interesting to note that mot of the sentiments in the report mostly back up the government's stand point on the issue. One can clearly see that the speakers and groups chosen were government friendly. Their remarks were rather harsh but these were used as a tool to voice the Chinese government's standpoint. It is quite possible to find other Chinese groups that opposed the government standpoint. Nevertheless, such sentiments have no place in a government owned media outlet. Most of the information portrayed above indicates the fact that government owned media outlets normally report one-sided stories. There is very little controversy in this article and this is characteristic that is common among many other newspaper outlets in the country.
Tibet Issues
It is very clear that Xinhaunet supports the government's view on the Tibetan issue. This is especially in relation to their recent media releases. On 27th March 2008, Xinhua reported that the Chinese president was to meet with the United States president to discuss the Tibetan issue. The report affirms US support. It quotes the sentiments expressed by President Bush that they believe in the unification of China and that there is only one China.
Additionally, the report also adds the Chinese presidents' views on the matter. President asserts that thy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chinese Government and Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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