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Several Issues Created by the East India Company - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Several Issues Created by the East India Company' presents the present and future of Indo-Pak relations which is a reality that can not be ignored. The sheer magnitude of the number of disputes between India and Pakistan can not be denied…
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Several Issues Created by the East India Company
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Extract of sample "Several Issues Created by the East India Company"

Download file to see previous pages The eventful history of India and Pakistan gives plenty of reason to attribute to their bitter rivalry. The wars fought in 1965, 1971 and 1947 are a testament to this; so are the various bombings that each country’s intelligence agencies have planned on each other’s country (Crossette, 2008). Both countries have constantly bombarded each other over the line of control and escalation of forces at the border to mount pressure on each other has become a frequent course of action. Kashmir still remains disputed territory with no sign of resolution in the coming future. Even the control of environmental resources such as water and its use (Indus Water Treaty) has been a cause of concern and argument for each country. It is important for Pakistan because India controls the disputed territory from which flows the most vital asset to man's existence i.e. water.

This brief mention of just some of the issues between India and Pakistan is just a preview of the intense rivalry between the two countries. And we haven’t even reached the pre-colonial era for discussion till now. Based on research, the author of this paper believes that perhaps one of the most important contributors to the partition and in turn, the rivalry between India and Pakistan is the colonialism of the Hindus and Muslims (Alavi, 2002). That is not to say that the entire future of Indo-Pak relations is to be blamed on the East India Company or the British Empire; but, it is hard to deny that the British are responsible for sowing the seeds of rivalry from as far back as the start of operations by East India Company. The author contends then that there are various factors behind the bitter Indo-Pak rivalry but the most pivotal is the colonialism and subsequent, ill-planned exit by the British Empire in 1947. The British occupation in the subcontinent not only created differences between the various segments of Hindus and Muslims but also left several issues unsettled, such as the accession of provinces (e.g. Kashmir) to either country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Several Issues Created by the East India Company Case Study - 1, n.d.)
Several Issues Created by the East India Company Case Study - 1.
(Several Issues Created by the East India Company Case Study - 1)
Several Issues Created by the East India Company Case Study - 1.
“Several Issues Created by the East India Company Case Study - 1”.
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