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Business and Country Analysis - Research Paper Example

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Business and Country Analysis Part 1 This part is consisting of the company background of selected organization. For the purpose of the study the company Hangout plaza has been selected. This part will analyze the business nature of Hangout plaza, a brief description about the company and the organizational structure of the company…
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Business and Country Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages In order to serve healthy fast food Hangout plaza expanded the menu that includes wraps, smoothies, fruit items and salad. Moreover, to attract large customer base the company have started happy price meal. The meal is given by discounted price. Hangout plaza is the popular fast food chain in US within the competitive industry. Moreover, in order to implement international business diversification Hangout plaza is looking for several international markets. The company has decided to expand their business unit in India. India is one of the largest potential Asian markets for fast food chain industry. The major objective of the study is to analyze several macro environmental industry factors that may impact on the industry. Moreover the trade, investment and foreign policy profile of India is implemented due to identify the opportunity and threats for the Hangout Plaza’s operation in Indian competitive fast food market. Part 2 This part is important as this part will analyze the impact of different external environmental factors like cultural, political, legal, ethical and economical factors on the business performance of Hangout plaza in India. Moreover this part will highlight on the trade, investment and foreign policy profile of India considering the business practices of Hangout plaza in India. ...
India is the country of the people of several religion backgrounds. The religion has a large impact on Indian culture and society. Different people from different religion in India choose different types of food product (Schaefer, 2006). In India Hindus does not eat beef, Muslims only used to take Halal meat. Moreover, they do not eat pork. So Hangout Plaza has to carefully prepare the menu in order to do business practices in India due to different people of different religion. The favorable social factor that will influence Hangout plaza is the changing life style of Indians. People are gradually adopting western culture. Now-a-days people like to hangover with relatives and friends outside in restaurants. These are few negative and positive cultural and social factors that may impact on the business performance of Hangout Plaza. Political Environment Hangout plaza in US got the advantage of the political stability of country. Hangout plaza is well popular in US but there are some health issues that are affecting the business performance of Hangout Plaza. Consumption of fast food increases the cholesterol level of human body and obesity issues. Government of US has restricted the marketing activities of fast food companies in order to reduce the health related issues. The introduction of several healthy food items in menu like wraps, salads, milk shakes has again increase the brand awareness of Hangout Plaza in Customer’s mind. Moreover, creating job opportunity, good relationship with government has eased the business operation of Hangout Plaza in US. India is one of the controversial countries in terms of politics. Different political ideologies are becoming the barrier for new foreign companies to do diversification in India. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business and Country Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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