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The Issue of Trafficking of Children Organs in India - Essay Example

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This paper will address the question of how can the Indian government best tackle the problem of parents selling their kids' organs. The best solution for this problem would be for the government to formulate and implement an educative and sensitization policy on child trafficking and organ selling…
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The Issue of Trafficking of Children Organs in India
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Trafficking of Children Organs in India"

Download file to see previous pages Trafficking and selling of children or their organs is an issue that requires urgent attention in India. This shocking trade still goes on up to date despite the barbaric nature it reflects. It is a more disturbing fact to establish that most of the children sold are sold at a price much lower than the cost of most animals. In India, children are treated like a commodity or good in a black market where the value is not much important as long as they are sold for a price. It is clear that these children are either relocated to certain parts of the country or moved across borders after they are sold. The children are solved for different purposes that include prostitution, forced labor, child soldiers or for organ removal (Nair,, 2005).
It is sickening to note that children are sold for organ removal to support the lives of other people, yet their own lives are considered useless. It is not sensible to support the life of one person by killing another person. The selling of the children is done through persuasion or coercion. In certain instances, children are gently persuaded by the members of their families or friends to comply and be sold by promising them a better life, unlike the one they lead. In other cases, the children are coerced or forced into submission. In either case, children never have a bigger bargaining ground because in most cases they cannot make a decision on whether to be sold or not whether it is through persuasion or coercion (Nair,, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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