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The Anthropology Days and Berlin Olympic Games - Essay Example

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This essay is a comparing of two historical events like The Anthropology Days in 1904 and the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 were both international and interracial competitions, but they were not held in order for to show equality and achievement…
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"The Anthropology Days and Berlin Olympic Games"

Download file to see previous pages he comparison of the two events that took place show how each competition was aimed towards showing the advancement of the white race in comparison to all other races. The goal of each was to show that whites were the advanced race of people and would be excel far greater than any other.
Early in the twentieth century following the United State’s purchase of the Louisiana Territory a special type of Olympic games were held. The events held at the St. Louis State Fair in 1904 were known as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and the competitors were over three thousand indigenous people from all over the world that came in order to compete, entertain, and be research subjects for the American Anthropologist Association. WJ McGee, the head of the LPE Anthropology Department primarily wanted his exposition to be key in understanding Native peoples in the modern age and how race correlated with athletic ability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Anthropology Days and Berlin Olympic Games Essay)
The Anthropology Days and Berlin Olympic Games Essay.
“The Anthropology Days and Berlin Olympic Games Essay”, n.d.
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