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This review focuses on the Indiana Summer Games Special Olympics that was organized by Indiana State University and Rose_Hulman Institute of Technology. The purpose of the event was to highlight the inspiring abilities posses by athletes who are subject to intellectual disabilities…
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Indiana Summer Games Special Olympics
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Summer Games This review focuses on the Indiana Summer Games Special Olympics that was organized by Indiana University and Rose_Hulman Institute of Technology. The purpose of the event was to highlight the inspiring abilities posses by athletes who are subject to intellectual disabilities. It was further aimed in promoting the acceptance ideals and more inclusions through sports while celebrating the power of transformation existing in these Special Olympics. The objective purpose was to entirely transform lives, develop new friendships, rekindle the old ones and have hope triumphing into victory in line with unveiling the spirit of championship.
This event was first held in 1969 in Indianapolis making the summer games among the exiting games and the largest games concerning Special Olympics. This event brings together over 2500 athletes, 1100 coaches, and nearly over 1200 volunteers assist in actualizing this day. Apart from the fierce competitions, there are normally Olympic-styled ceremonies running a torch, a complete Olympic town, and health festivals among other fun-filled activities.
From attending this event, I realized that it does not take the effort of one person to bring together such an event but unity of purpose from similar minded people save the day for all. It emphasized that the physically challenged also must be given room to enjoy and participate in any activity besides the pitch and that we must accept them for who they are, get into their shoes. The best of all lessons is that we must offer them the opportunity to create new social circles, learn and create new skills despite their challenges.
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Special Olympics Indiana. Summer Games, 2011.Web. 30 June 2014. . Read More
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Indiana Summer Games Special Olympics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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