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Why was World War I and its aftermath considered to be the major turning point in Middle Eastern affairs and the main determinant of the political situation there today - Essay Example

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The transformation was political and changed the manner in which the region interacted and carried out their political agenda. The World War I was a battle of supremacy power among the European powerhouses. There was need for more…
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Why was World War I and its aftermath considered to be the major turning point in Middle Eastern affairs and the main determinant of the political situation there today
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"Why was World War I and its aftermath considered to be the major turning point in Middle Eastern affairs and the main determinant of the political situation there today"

Download file to see previous pages The defeat of the German meant their initial territories were to be taken over by the British, French and their allies.
The Middle East was previously under the ottoman rule. The region was highlight regarded as a German stronghold. The Sykes-picot treaty reshaped the Middle East (Kamrava, 2005). This gave way for the change of guard and the domination of the French and British. The Middle East was partitioned into spheres as a means of sharing the countries between the two European powerhouses (Ulrichsen, 2014). The New League Nation placed a compulsory rule and the French took over Syria and Lebanon while the British took over the remaining territory. The continuous stay of the European rule led to revolutions. The region was fighting for self-rule and governance. The resistant nature of the natives created a tense moment between the European nations and the Middle East nation was the beginning of political hostility.
The region has played host to a number of political conflicts. The friction between the two regions has created interested from the east. The European nations on one side fought for the status quo while the Middle East fought for self-governance. The availability of oil and other natural resources created interest from countries as far as the USA (Ulrichsen, 2014). The region has remained a center of conflict between the west and the natives. High political hostility has shaped the modern day middle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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