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The Russian Revolution is one of the most important events that took place in twentieth century because it resulted in a series of events which would affect the world for the rest of that century. Among the most important actors in this revolution was Vladimir Lenin who played a…
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Download file to see previous pages Revolution came about as a result of various political actors as well as funding from foreign powers such as Germany which were interested in making sure that it withdrew from the First World War.
Vladimir Lenin was one of the most important leaders of the Russian Revolution and this was mainly because he was a charismatic leader who sought to ensure that the monarchy in Russia was brought to an end. An individual dedicated to the rights of the working class that formed the bulk of the Russian state, Lenin was an individual who not only completely opposed to the monarchy, but also took an active part in ensuring its end (Rice 135). His political activities forced him into exile in Switzerland where he was in constant touch with likeminded people who believed that a communist revolution in Russia was necessary. While this was the case, Lenin and his associates did not have the necessary funding to ensure a successful uprising but this was remedied by the German government which is believed to have funded Lenin as well as organizing the means for him to return to Russia to agitate for a revolution. Germany played a pivotal role in helping the Bolsheviks come to power because it was in its interests to make sure Russia withdrew from the First World War and the only way to do this was to overthrow the monarchy (Pipes 141). It should be noted that during this period, Germany was fighting a two front war with the Allies and Russia’s withdrawal meant that it could concentrate its efforts in the western front. The German government therefore provided Lenin with the means of achieving his revolutionary objective in Russia and it was through German funding and support that he was able to mobilize the support he needed to overthrow the Tsarist government.
Alexander Lvovics Parvus was a significant factor in the Russian Revolution and he did this through his association with influential individuals in the German establishment such as Baron von Wangenheim (Karaömerlıoğlu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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