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The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia - Research Paper Example

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The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia Name: Institution: The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia otherwise referred to as the Red October, or October Uprising was a politically motivated revolution, which took place in 1917. The Revolution, which occurred after the February Revolution of the same year, was led by the Bolsheviks, a splinter group of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Party, which became independent from the Menshevik group following the Second Party Congress in the early 20th Century…
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The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
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Download file to see previous pages Bolsheviks, who used their power in the Petrograd Soviets to gain support from the armed forces, successfully propagated the Bolshevik Revolution. Referred to as the Red Guards, Bolsheviks armies, led by the Military Revolutionary Committee took part in the revolution that shaped the course of Russian political arena. The Bolshevik Revolution came at a time when Russia was at the brick of collapsing under its numerous problems occasioned by its leadership (Litvin 2001, 49). Reasons for the Bolsheviks revolution The Revolution emerged, as the people of Russia grew weary of the rule of Czar Nicholas II, who had compelled over ten million Russians to join the First World War The Soviets were disillusioned by the death and suffering they underwent during the war and considered Czar Nicholas II an unworthy leader. In addition, the Soviets were angered by the move by the Russian Provisional Government to launch an offensive against the German and Hungarian armies. The Russian Provisional Government emerged after overthrowing the regime led by Czar Nicholas II, the former consisted primarily of bankers, industrialist and lawyers, who had promised to end Russia’s involvement in the World War, a promised they did not fulfill. The people of Russia protested the insurgence against these armies, but the government paid little attention to them. In addition, the Provisional Government officials who continued to amass wealth through corruption and massive taxes imposed on the Russian working class disillusioned the Soviets. The political elite were impervious to the suffering of the common folk in the nation as they continued in the footsteps of Czar Nicholas II. The Bolshevik Party sort to establish a government led by the workers and peasants able to make decisions that favored the Russian proletariat and bring to an immediate end the tyranny witnessed at the hands of the Provisional Government. Demonstrations against the government on the grounds of its support for the war led to crises in the Provisional Government and the emergence of the slogan, “all power to the soviets.” Another reason for the Bolshevik Revolution was the Provisional Government’s refusal to distribute land to the Russian masses and soldiers, who had requested land ownership over long periods of time. The peasants and workers took part in several revolts against landowners and tried to forcefully acquired their land, but were defeated by the Provisional Government, which also imprisoned the Bolsheviks Party’s leader. This apprehension of the leader resulted in Lenin going into exile for fear of being captured by the government. This served to further ignite the workers’ passion for a change in governance (Service 2005, p. 88). Moreover, we note that life in Russia in 1917 had become intolerable to the peasants and workers; disarray had ensued in sectors such as transportation, political and industrial relations. Massive declines in industrial production resulted in closure of a majority of businesses in the nation’s industrial centers. Plunging production and closure of enterprises resulted in massive unemployment and loss of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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