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World War one - Essay Example

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The first time they used this extensively was in 1915 at Ypres. The weapon was dangerous to the victims and the perpetrators too. After the World…
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World War one
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"World War one"

Download file to see previous pages Ignoring this law, it is reported that more than 124 000 tons of gas had been produced by the time the First World War was ending2. By using gas bombs and any other chemical weapons, Germans clearly ignored the then laws of war. These are the ones that specifically prohibited the use of chemical weapons. The basis for supporting chemical warfare or supporting its abolition was founded on the ethical issues associated with that kind of war. Presenting a range of premises in support of the use of chemical weapons in World War I, interwar ethical arguments considered it time-friendly, humane as well as economical among other advantages. This essay will present the scenarios before, during and after World War I which illustrate the pros and cons of the employment of chemical warfare and the reasons why the German used it extensively in wars.
Gas attacks were some of the feared attacks by the troops in the battle fields. Therefore signs of gas weapons such as artillery shells, which encased the gas, and prevailing wind, which accelerated the spreading of the gas, were dreaded by the troops in gas stricken zones3. The gas attacks used to be major offensive when they would be discharged in massive forms. Attacks using Lachrymatory gases would temporarily disable soldiers in trenches such that attacking them further would be easier. The lachrymatory gases affected the eyes by causing them to tear. There are other gases which were lethal such as chlorine and phosgene. These normally disabled the tissues of the respiratory system thus causing the victim to die. For instance, Mustard gas caused horrors to the victims and was one of the most dreaded chemical weapons. This was partly due to the long period of time it would remain on the ground after being discharged as well as its adverse effects to the victims. Inhaling the gas caused death to the victim. In addition, its other effects included causing of temporary blindness as well as making the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World War One Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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Germany's Broken Spirit: Ludendorff's Final Offensive of World War One

War has it's price to pay and the Germans have and are still paying theirs. Indeed the developments or events of the World War I cannot be ignored. They shaped human understanding of the new world and new tactics and technologies of war were tested.

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World War One. Gravess Good Bye to All That
At the beginning of the First World War, few had foreseen how much that conflict would affect the social, political, and economical map of Europe. In fact, its consequences for the European societies were so great that many historians refer to the First World War as to the start of the modern era (Wilde).
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American Patriotism During World War One
This committee was created to establish and provide what can be referred to as propaganda (information) that could encourage citizens to support the war. The Committee on Public Information gathered civic support for the war by establishing an army of 75,000 Four-Minute Men speakers according to Betts (2002).
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Effect of World War one
The result of the engagement was the development of massive battalion of soldiers whose life was changed by involvement in the war. Majority lost their lives while others were not amputated and became disabled. The psychological effect of the war was massive with the engagement of several medics and counselors in avid to reshape the war veterans back in to the society.
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Why was World War One a necessary war for the United States
Name Instructor Course Date Why WWI was “Necessary” to the USA USA being among superpowers in the world, WWI incident came in a situation that it could not have an easy compromise, hence engaging itself in the combat from 1917 up to 1918. Besides maintaining its status in the world, there were diverse reasons why USA decided to engage itself in the war.
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World war one BOOK REVIEW
Yet, while a number of politicians and economists sharply changed their outlook after such major events, Keynes thoroughly analyzed the new experience. In his monumental work The Economic Consequences of the Peace Keynes critically analyzed the effects of Versailles Pease and particularly the effects of the Treaty on Germany.
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Dada in the world war one
Complicating matters was the fact that in March Russia had undergone a successful communist revolution, and in April the United States had entered the war (Asprey 348). It was becoming clear to the military leaders and to the public that Germany was losing the
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World war one and US
In the 1st of August 1914 the First World War began in Europe, and was the result of conflict between two powerful European alliances: Allies (France,
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A World War One
avid Shi are among the prominent historians whose research and writings about the World War I each takes on a personal narrative as though to develop impressions of truth under varying degree or color in reading audience’s minds. Why not? On one hand, Johnson presents a notion
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The Aftermath of World War One
The European economy was destabilized giving rise to many right wing parties. Political tension heightened in Europe after the world war
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