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Chemical and Biological Warfare - Research Paper Example

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The following paper “Chemical and Biological Warfare” traces the root of Chemical and biological wars, providing insight into how chemical warfare came into the picture and followed with recommendations on how to handle these important issues in future…
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Chemical and Biological Warfare
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Extract of sample "Chemical and Biological Warfare"

Download file to see previous pages Before the 19th century during which the use of these weapons was prominent, there has been the outward use of biological weapons to kill people. These include the killing of people by mixing toxics with food items and use of fabrics containing diseases. During the First World War, the Germans used anthrax and spread it across Russia by means of couriers and inserting it in horses that were transported to Russia. Then is the Second World War, Japan used different methods to kill Chinese people by spreading typhoid through the rivers that flowed through China. (Bhudhan & Katyal, 2002, p. 239)   As an act of vengeance, the allied countries, U.S. and UK started providing funds for the development of biological weapons. Through these research methodologies, several new biological weapons were discovered. Several such instances of biological warfare happened all over the world until the 1970s.  The year 1972 saw the introduction of a new treaty called as the Biological and Toxic Weapons convention which prohibited countries from producing a biological weapon and allowed experiments related to biology only for peaceful work. (Mauroni,  2007, p. 290) Though the treaty was highly successful in gathering the support of a lot of countries, there is still evidence for a rising number of experiments being done with respect to biological warfare. Such instances include researches conducted by Russia in the 80’s and development of biological weapons by Iraq during the Gulf war. The recent incident that occurred with respect to biological warfare was when the US citizens received anthrax affected letters, leading to the death of 5 people. Although it was a minor incident, it remains as an example of the effect of biological warfare for the young generations. (Bhudhan & Katyal, 2002, p. 239)
Current Trend
    The present trend suggests that, although development and spreading of biological/chemical warfare are under check, there are looming possibilities of some terrorist organizations being able to lay their hands on these weapons because of their easy preparation methods and easily available source materials. There is no need for highly qualified materials to create these weapons. Day to day amenities can be easily used to create these weapons ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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