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The Great Pro-Democratic Revolutions of the spring of 2011 in Syria - Essay Example

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 This essay discusses the myths and illusions regarding the US foreign policy in the Middle East. The paper also analyzes the main goals and ideas, citing examples for each, of the positions of the Realists and Neo-Conservatives regarding US foreign rule in the Middle East…
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The Great Pro-Democratic Revolutions of the spring of 2011 in Syria
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"The Great Pro-Democratic Revolutions of the spring of 2011 in Syria"

Download file to see previous pages Finally, there will be a comparison between the main topic to the ideas of the Makovsky and Ross thesis in addition to a thorough conclusion.
There are three basic myths as analyzed by Makovsky and Ross in the book of Myths, Peace, and Illusions: Finding a New Direction for the US in the Middle East. The first myth shows that all issues concerning the Middle Eastern countries are associated with the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. The second myth is the comparison between the engagement and non-engagement of regimes, changes in regimes and their behavior. The final myth discussed by the two authors concerns the question about the democracy promotion. In the first myth, the Arabs claimed that they had a large population in Palestine before the creation of Israel forgetting there was Jewish population as well. The conflict began when Palestine wanted to create their own Jewish State claiming that they owned, but the Zionists rejected their right. It was claimed that Zionist leaders had a legal mandate for the existence of Israel State which was false as recommended by the UN. According to Ross and Makovsky, the old saying that everything in the Middle East was connected to everything else gives a better roadmap rather than rejecting any connection between Israel and other matters (Ross & Makovsky, 2010).
In the second myth, Ross and Makovsky focus on Iran and their satellites, Hamas, and Hezbollah, with Israel. The pattern of conflict between two-states was repeated when Hamas was voted into power in the year 2006. Hamas had accepted the form of the Israel state, although it rejected the two-state solution claiming that it was meant to destroy Israel. After Ismail Haniyeh was being elected in 2006, he said that Hamas had accepted the formation of a Palestinian state, according to 1967 borders.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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