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Duran explains more of the brutality of the Aztecs while De Cieza explains more of the humaneness of the Incas.
Duran states than the Aztecs sacrificed men in their…
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Essay 6
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Download file to see previous pages The armies always came out victorious. Crops and houses of the enemy were spared and if there was famine, food was ordered so that those who were newly won find their rule favorable (De Cieza 598).
De Cieza also explains that the system of tribute collection for the Inca was very well organized. It is argued that all villages knew where to send their tributes. Incas visited the kingdom with great pomp in greatly adorned rich litters and many people filled the slopes and hills to see his passing calling blessings on him (De Cieza 598). Duran dissimilarly argues that the principle way in which kings and warriors used to obtain glory was soldiery. They had to be the best in destroying armies, taking prisoners and killing. Then they were given rewards, honors and weapons to proof their deeds (Duran 596).
In spite of these differences, there are some similarities on their views especially on the severity of punishments on wrong doers. Duran states that adulterers were to be stoned or thrown down into rivers and buzzards while and thieves were to be sold as slaves or killed (595). De Cieza also states that ravishers of women, thieves and conspirators against the Inca were to have their heads cut off or killed in their manner of choice (598).
In conclusion, De Cieza seems to appreciate the civilizations of the Incas especially on how well they conquered vast lands without war while Duran tends to focus more on the brutality of the Aztecs especially punishments that they inflicted on their war ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay 6 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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