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INCA EMPIRE - Essay Example

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Pizarro’s exploration through his two visits in Incan cities made him have a good view of the area thus having better knowledge on how to attack the Incan empire. Visiting Pizarro aided him to realized the need for men, sailed back to Spain for alliances with King Charles V…
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Download file to see previous pages... This made Pizarro have a better and more experienced knowledge to draw and to set out from Panama in 1530 to conquer the Incans. This also made the Spanish victorious in the war (Christine, 2004).
Seasoned conquistadors who joined the fight on the side of the Spaniards made Pizarro and his troops outwit the Incans. The seasoned conquistadors were Hernando De Soto, who had earlier explored Florida and his brother. This expedition conquered and recruited allies as they entered deeper in the Inca Empire.
Spaniards introduced in the war while the Incas were already in war, and this was a great advantage to Pizarro and his expedition. It slowed communication among the Incas and made the Spaniards recruit more allies who conquered mercilessly towards the central government (Christine, 2004).
The capture of Atahualpa Emperor was also a significant boost for the Spaniards in conquering the Incas as it increased confusion among the Incas, which reduced the response of the Incas as they attacked the Incan empire. The capture of the Emperor was because of the Spaniards using more advanced firearms, cannons and horses as compared to the Incas who used spears and slings that were of no match with the Spaniards weapons (Christine, 2004).
Other disasters also affected the Incas and made them unable to fight effectively with the Spaniards. Some of the disasters were inferior technology and diseases as it was claimed that diseases alone killed 90% of the Incas. The Spaniards momentum and beliefs made them conquer the Incas, as they believed it was their mandate to dismantle and change the Incas and anyone they came across to Christianity (Christine, 2004).
The approach of Pizarro and his allies to the Incan emperor was a surprise, and that made them attach the Incas fast before the Incas could realize and attack back. Sending Indians first to sweep ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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