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The Aztecs do consist of a small group of people who did demonstrate a continuous expansion in power, controlling a great part of south and central Mexico. This kingdom did control a large and populous area amounting to around 22 million people. They did not possess a formal…
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Download file to see previous pages The essay seeks to lay emphasis on the areas where similar features were quite evidenced. Aztec, as a subunit of the Mesoamerican culture, borrows many traditions and cultural aspects from the group.
Just like in Mesoamerican, the Aztec emperors did possess immense powers both in political and spiritual angles. Religion was the main unifying factor. Their social system was made up of emperors, nobles, priests, warriors, merchants and artisans, farmers, slaves and prisoners. It all had dependence on welfare in slaves acquisition. Their wealth amount was based on the ability and strength of the military and ability to gain control over others. The states were the ones in control of markets and distribution of wealth to the needy areas. Their trade systems did rely on the extensive slave trade and tributes while the basis of wealth was heavily dependable upon the exploitation of other people.
The decline of the empire did end after the influence of the Mesoamerican group. Primarily, the subordinate groups waved resistance to the ruling from the king. They were not loyal at all. Diseases such as measles, smallpox, leading to many deaths as they did lack immunity, attacked them. Spanish arrival at around year 1500 led to the final collapse of the kingship.
Essentially, the similarities between Aztec and Mesoamerican populates culture was massive. It did range from political groupings, agriculture, religion, economy angles, social perspectives, cultures and trading systems.
The temple was located at the city center. At that, place, the most ceremonial and religious activities of the Aztec took place. The temple did stand at 90 feet in the sky, having two pyramids by the sides. These pyramids were a symbolism of sacred mountains. A broad double staircase granted access to the shrines. There were two chapels at the frontal side of the temple. At the base of the temple, there was some expertly carved serpent heads. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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