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Critical Concepts and Theories: Intimacy, Rights, and Desires - Assignment Example

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A writer of the paper "Critical Concepts and Theories: Intimacy, Rights, and Desires" claims that the major reason Dalit people converted to Christianity was to free themselves from bondage and as signs of protests against the social rejections and boundaries…
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Critical Concepts and Theories: Intimacy, Rights, and Desires
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"Critical Concepts and Theories: Intimacy, Rights, and Desires"

Download file to see previous pages Rights mean the things that they duly saw as theirs, not to plead or beg for, but as a must-have without being at the mercy of those above them in the social hierarchy. The desires were the things, in this case, rights, that they looked forward to as they sought conversion in the hope that they would be attained. Masculinity has always been associated with males. Indeed, the author brings the aspect of masculinity as the site and object of transformation by saying that violence is associated with masculinity. Thus, in one form, it gets to a point where it powers one into thinking in many more ways, which concern the outcome and the source. Consequently, it leads to transformation of the individual after that moment of intense thinking. The author talks of Manto, who he says, on assessing the outcomes, he realizes that they have the capability to transform, not only man but also society (Gopal, 2001). When Islamization as a state project is considered, no other better words to coin the concept other than using the words of Shaheed (2010) who talks about the fusion of politics and religion. The example given by the researcher is that of Pakistan, where he notes that religion was always adjoined to politics in defining the state of Pakistan. Hence, the development of Islam into a point of referenced rights for the Pakistan country is a sign of Islamization as a state project. Jamal (2005) expounds on this concept by noting that Islamization has been used by the state as a means of oppression of the Pakistani people. Which has in turn been fuelled by Westernization. Thus, it is evident that, when Islamization as a state project is talked about, it implies the actions taken by the state under the guise of Islam to control, manipulate, and govern its people, as is the case in Pakistan. The idea behind masculinization of Daltihood/Sarvanization of womanhood is simple. It revolved around the liberation of women against violence.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Critical Concepts and Theories: Intimacy, Rights, and Desires Assignment)
Critical Concepts and Theories: Intimacy, Rights, and Desires Assignment.
“Critical Concepts and Theories: Intimacy, Rights, and Desires Assignment”, n.d.
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