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In “Architecture or Revolution,” Le Corbusier argues that architecture is better than a complete revolution because it plays a critical role in addressing different social ills that are happening because of vast social and technological changes. In this case, architecture…
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Download file to see previous pages unconsciously mold society through these tools, wherein these tools also mold their values, beliefs, attitudes, and practices in their different fields and in their own homes and families (277). In “Authoritarian High Modernism,” James Scott agrees that architecture can respond to various social problems during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Like Le Corbusier, Scott believes that architecture rises to the challenge of social changes due to technological and economic progress. Scott also asserts that studying the origin of architecture was and is a modern activity because it fits the constant desire for social benefits and social solutions. His difference with Le Corbusier is his specific focus on high modernism that has its strengths of trying to improve the social fabric and enabling the social participation of modernist thinkers, while its weaknesses are ruthlessness in advancing modernist ideals and disastrous effects, when political controls are weak or deficient.
2. In “Ornament and Crime,” Loos criticizes the use of ornament in architecture. Loos asserts that using ornaments buildings is a crime of the degenerate (20). In order to be culturally developed, he emphasizes that architects must remove ornaments from their buildings (Loos 20). Furthermore, Loose argues that ornamentation wastes time and energy. Architects must focus on function, not ornamental form, to create buildings that have true functions for users. Finally, Loos thinks that to vie for ornaments is not natural of higher intelligence. Ornaments are superficial and wasteful exercises for him. Semper feels differently in “The Textile Art” because he argues that textiles and buildings have the same origins- the need to turn invisible open space into visibly enclosed spaces. Whereas Loos finds ornament as unnatural, Semper asserts that ornamenting the body and the space through architecture is natural to people’s desire for art (254). Despite these differences, Semper and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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