The Geographical Origins of Ashfords Population in 1851 - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Geographical Origins of Ashford’s Population in 1851” the author analyzes the historical growth of a small market town Ashford in Kent. Soon, Ashford became a busy little market town with no more than a population of 1000 people or less…
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The Geographical Origins of Ashfords Population in 1851
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"The Geographical Origins of Ashfords Population in 1851"

Download file to see previous pages The military men setup their schools, shops and churches .In the second half of 19th century Ashford cattle market was one of the greatest markets in south of England. Wool fleeces were collected and auctioned and hops were grown on large scale .After the introduction of railways, more than 2000 traders used to visit Ashford every harvest time (lambert).The Ashford then got divided into east and west union districts. Further, the east union district was split into 25 parishes, divided into three sub districts, whereas, the west union district comprised of 13 parishes divided into two sub districts (Pearman, 2012).The town of Ashford was established in 1849.before that it was a part of The Town of Auburn .This town has its roots in the 9th century. There are various manors that surround the town including Repton, Licktop, Esture and Wall is the prominent ones. (Pearman, 2012).Famous families continued their ownership in these manors and estates and later in 18th century declared Ashford as a cheerful and neat town. Ashford continued to be an agriculture town and with the introduction of railways started becoming an attraction for migratory The railway company set up a society near the railway station .A factory for the repair of locomotive engines, residence for their workers and storage area for the railway carriages were constructed.  (Knight, 1850) There has been a parish workhouse erected with workshops, storehouses, a large yard, with every necessary implement (Pearman, 2012). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Geographical Origins of Ashfords Population in 1851 Essay)
The Geographical Origins of Ashfords Population in 1851 Essay.
“The Geographical Origins of Ashfords Population in 1851 Essay”, n.d.
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