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The Presidents of the United States - Movie Review Example

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This new land threatens to divide the nation. Tension rises between North and South as each wants to settle west in its distinct image. The North is far more widespread and economically developed than the South but lacks…
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The Presidents of the United States
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"The Presidents of the United States"

Download file to see previous pages His entry in the office is in a period when the country is facing crisis over the question of expansion of slavery into new western territory. Southern extremists threaten succession if the rule is in favor of the Northern evolutionists. The passing Bills to link California as a free state with slavery measures favorable to the South does not please everyone; including President Taylor. He passes on from an inflation of the intestines (David). In 1991, his descendants gave a green light towards exhuming his body. Forensic analysis reveals no signs of foul play and determines cholera as the likely cause of death. His vice president assumes the presidency.
He is Taylor’s opposite and a tool to balance the ticket geographically and politically. He is a Northerner, who aims to please and appease rather than lead. He reverses the policies of his predecessor by signing the compromise of 1850 into law, supporting slavery. He believes its abolishment will give rise to the collapsing of the southern economy; with slavery as an accelerator. He believes the constitution protects slavery issues. He hopes to please everyone for his support for the compromise but fails in 1852 presidential elections (David).
A Northern Democrat with strong political ties to the South. He is a social and political butterfly. His election to the presidency is poor timing. He seems to be emotionally unstable after the loss of his only son in a train wreck shortly after his election. He is a troubled man who seeks the approval of others. His vice president William passes within two weeks after the inauguration. He defends slavery as an admitted right to favor Southerners (David). In 1854, he twisted arms to win passage of Kansas-Nebraska act. It repeals the ban on slavery and allows the people to make an informed choice concerning the issues. This result produces much blood shade, and the democrats drop him from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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