The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy - Essay Example

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This paper will explore the speech, its strong points and the speech skills of President Kennedy. His exceptional presentation of speech was evidenced through his ability to communicate his goals by appealing to the emotions and the interests of the ordinary American citizen …
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The Inaugural Address of John F. Kennedy
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Download file to see previous pages This paper analyzes the speech of President Kennedy’s activity using words, which exemplified his main goals of uniting the two opposite forces. Through the speech, he communicated his determination and his preparedness in striving for peace, and more importantly, includes everyone in the role of pursuing the goal. His metaphorical diction demonstrated the appealing nature of his leadership among the audience, where he encapsulates poverty and the liberation of Americans in well thought-out metaphors. Through his diction, he evokes a sense of justice, emphasizes the importance of national pride and demonstrated the respect deserved by Americans, by stating that they were forebears. In appealing to the masses, he mentions the general Americans along with the icons of American presidency mentioned, among them the outgoing president. President Kennedy’s speech incorporated declarative sentences that showed his strength, for example, by making the declaration of welcoming new states to freedom and all other people of the world. Through the repetition of the declarative phrases, he demonstrates his energy and the zeal to push forward with the plan. A considerable portion of the speech was focused around calling American’s into action, using statements like “let both sides”, to show that the huge task was not for him or his office alone, but also for all Americans. He presented a careful mix of the things to be done and those not to be done; he started by stating the ones not to be done and then those to be done, which exemplified his use of antithesis (Sorensen 37). In stating strong areas like the struggle against poverty and tyranny, he uses strong diction, and in some cases, backward syntax to clarify his plans for America and the world as a whole. The Excellent Characteristics of the Speech The first characteristic that made the speech a success until the present time include the use of contrasts, including “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” (Atkinson 1). The use of contrast is a sharp skill used by President Kennedy when communicating what the Americans were expected to and what they were supposed to do, all within the same context. Through the skilled communication of President Kennedy, he combined the areas that he wished to see coming to an end in American politics, including that he was in support of fighting for freedom and liberation. The second characteristic that made President Kennedy stand out through the speech included that he incorporated the three-part lists, which he used to demonstrate the outlook of the American community, particularly the areas that needed to be addressed. For example, he used the statement, “where the strong are just, and the weak secure and the peace preserved” (Atkinson 1). He incorporated the speech model and the system to tell the audience, the things that they needed to work on eliminating from the American society, and at the same he painted the picture of the ideal society to them. For instance, by mentioning societies where the strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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