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Why the history should not be forgotten Is the memory of the Holocaust used to foster divides in Europe How - Essay Example

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The 70th anniversary of the emancipation of the villainous Auschwitz concentration camp was marked on 27th January, which is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, with over 300 survivors of the holocaust laying garlands and lighting candles on the alleged wall of death…
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Why the history should not be forgotten Is the memory of the Holocaust used to foster divides in Europe How
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"Why the history should not be forgotten Is the memory of the Holocaust used to foster divides in Europe How"

Download file to see previous pages of global focus during this annual event and it uses the opportunity to assert its existence and the need to protect the nation from external aggression, mainly from the neighboring Arab communities. There are many arguments for and against commemoration of the Holocaust. Some people feel that the history should not be forgotten. Others argue that the memory of the Holocaust is used to foster divides in Europe and should be forgotten.
Jews commemorate the Holocaust as part of their history reflecting the suffering they endured in Europe under the Nazi Germany. The global event is seen as a remembrance that not only acts as a lesson and a caution against human rights violation but also as a direction towards the right course for humanity as a whole. By virtue of it being an important lesson for humanity, it should not be forgotten. Generations will come and learn through the mistakes that the world made in the past and ensure that they do not reoccur. The Holocaust formed the foundation of the United Nations, which was an international organization viewed by all nations globally as the centre of hope for humanity and the future. Remembering the Holocaust promotes a shared resolve among nations to prevent such terror from ever happening anywhere else in the world. The commemoration represents an unmistakable resolution of nations, focused at appreciating that if nations identify with the ideals they protect, they can be preserved (Lecomte, 2006).
A national day of the liberation of Auschwitz is observed in Germany when the victims of state socialism are also remembered. For the survivors, the events of Auschwitz still linger in their minds. Those whose loved ones were killed in the concentration camps still visit the sites where these camps were located in Poland and they have a right to remember, reflect and narrate the occurrences over and over again to younger people who need to understand the past events that shaped the global relations that exist today. A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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