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Describe the role that played in making politics and culture in Sparta, Athens and the Roman Republic different from Sumer and Egypt - Essay Example

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The society is shaped in such a way that all its social institutions are impacted as well in different intensity. For instance, the impact of geography is likely to affect the economic institution of a…
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Describe the role that played in making politics and culture in Sparta, Athens and the Roman Republic different from Sumer and Egypt
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"Describe the role that played in making politics and culture in Sparta, Athens and the Roman Republic different from Sumer and Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages Firstly, every community depends upon its irrigation and cultivation patterns. Talking about Greeks, it was marked that initially, there were many difficulties in undertaking harvesting and cultivation because of the poor state of the soil. It was one of the reasons that the people remains poor. Therefore, labor skills were preferred as a mean of making money. It was noted that the weather of Greek suited the population by large as they were less sick and active in their routines.
Furthermore, Greek was surrounded by high ranges and mountains. It was due to this reason that Greek did not have the threat of enemies who wanted to conquer the land through the mountains. At the same time, there was a need of effective irrigation method for which support of different groups was required. Small groups played their part in such a way that the native people got adherence to the democrat way of control.
Athens is considerably known for its access to the water system including rivers, seas and islands. It is due to this reason that Athenians were known for trade and exploration. It should be noted that the city-state system of Athens allowed the politics of the region relatively stronger and effective. It was because there was equal representation given to the people from each group rather than control of one individual over the masses with no suitable proficiency of governance. On the other hand, Sparta was in the south where it did not get the access to the water systems. It was due to this reason that the political connections in Sparta were based upon strict foreign policies. It was in the shape of authoritative stance on the public policies for which representation was centralized. It meant that the centralized representation had to undertake decision concerning relations with other communities or the nations. People of Sparta are well-known in the history for being extremely strong soldiers. They provided ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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