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The American Civil War - Essay Example

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The American civil war occurred in 1861-1865 due to slavery. The war was aimed at governing the unification and independence of the Confederacy or the south. The paper "The American Civil War" analyzes the causes and events leading to the American Civil War…
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The American Civil War
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"The American Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages  Seven undiplomatic Southern states claimed their withdrawal from the United States and thus formed the Confederacy States of America. In return, the northern states and the southern states split.  One of the causes of American civil war was the economic and social variances between the north and the south.  The two areas were quite different, and the South feared that the North would try to impose its systems on them (Kelly).  The second reason was the government limited the federal rights in the states. In 1832, South Carolina declined to pass the federal tariff legislation of 1828. Thus, the government used military force to put the region in check. The southern states felt limited in expressing the state rights. The Dred Scot decision is the third cause of the civil war. Dred Scott was a slave who sought nationality through the American legal systems. The Supreme Court denied any African-American from obtaining US citizenship, consequently, enslaving more people. The election of Abraham Lincoln also contributed to the war. They feared that the Republican president would abolish slavery. Thus, ruining the Southern economy. That is why Lincoln was a worthy opponent to the expansion of slavery. In conclusion, it is true that the American civil war was caused by discrimination and selfish needs. Slavery denied people a real life as capitalism ruled allowing the rich to be richer. The legal systems were corrupt with unfair discrimination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The American Civil War, the “pursuit of happiness? Where in slavery can a slave be found to have “liberty”? Signs of the coming Civil War in the United States were clearly seen decades before the Battle at Fort Sumter began on April 12, 1861. According to the Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference, page 53, “Long before the Civil War, the terms “North” and “South” had acquired fixed geographic and cultural certainty for Americans. In 1767, two English astronomers, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, completed a survey that marked what had been a disputed boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland. By the early nineteenth century,...
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The american civil war
...Events Which Led To the American Civil War Introduction The American Civil War which occurred between the years 1861 and 1865 is also referred to as The War Between the States due to the characteristics that it had. The main events which are used as historical explanation to the civil war are laid complex in the problems that rose from slavery, sectionalism, parties and politics that surrounded the antebellum era. It is presumed that issues that were brought about by sectionalism were the main propelling factors that drove the United States into the civil...
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Cost Of The American Civil War
...Civil War Soldiers who engage in Civil War are doing so because they believe that their actions will ultimately lead to a better society for them, their family and their friends and countrymen. Many of the Confederate states that seceded from the Union did so because they knew that the abolition of slavery would not only destroy their way of live, but it would drastically hinder the families of the south to be able to properly make a living ( The entire economic system was based upon using African American slaves in the south to create crops that were used to engage in international trade with Europe at the time as well as to provide basic...
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Causes of the American Civil War
...Task: Causes of the American Civil War The causes of the American civil war which started in 1861 are varied, and different people attribute these causes to the different parties. Both sections of the Union, the North and South gave different reasons for the war, for example, the Northerners believed that the South sought to remove their liberty (Gordon, 2002). Conversely, most Southerners believed that the North had bad intentions for their land and policies (Gordon, 2002). Though the causes of the civil war are diverse, the main factors can be summarized in four main points. These...
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The American Civil War
...?Кука number Publish Essay One The period between the American Civil War and the First World War marked American consolidation and expansion in the North American, Latin American and Asian domains. The American socio economic arrangements in this period evolved rapidly to assume differing dimensions. The disappearance of the enslaved American South led to social consolidation as well as territorial gains for the North. In addition, displacement of American Indian settlements from the mid West led to further settlements into the American hinterland. Both...
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The American Civil War and Industrialization
...The American Civil War and Industrialization The American Civil War between the years 1861-1865 A.D. at the outset was concerned with slaveryof the Southern American Confederate states under Jefferson Davis and the abolition of slavery and the Union of the United States of America. In truth, the American Civil War was an economic war that created economic decisions that would allow America to usher itself into the industrializing world. Although in most cases slavery saves money for capitalists however, the maintenance of slavery was another matter. During the 1850s, the Northern States of America had a better economic situation rather than the Southern states. The Southern states were largely cottage industries... , the...
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History The American Civil War
...History of the American Civil War The backdrop of American Civil War was already on the process of development as soon as the war of independence was over. The struggle to attain more power with the intention to govern the nation was one of the main reasons that it gave birth between Congress and Presidency and finally such power conflict led to one of the greatest bloodbaths in the American history that still casts is its impact over the common people of the nation. Adoption of the Articles of Confederation had a great role to play in paving the path towards the mass destruction that newly independent...
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Coming of the American Civil War
...Running Head: The Coming.... Topic: Coming of the American Civil War. Order#: 397532 Topic: Coming of the American Civil War. 1.Discuss the relationship between the Mexican-American War and the Coming of the American Civil War by identifying and explaining the historical significance of the Wilmot Proviso, the Free Soil Party, and the Compromise of 1850. The...
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The American Civil War: A Bloody Battle
...The American Civil War: A Bloody Battle Many historians and military theorists believe that the American Civil War is considered to be one of the bloodiest and gruesome wars ever fought throughout the history of warfare. Several factors based on historical changes that were occurring during the war have attributed to this fact. The first factor is the technological advances that were made in the industrial and military fields. The second factor is the change in the way war was being waged with the new advances in military doctrines, as against old ones. These factors made the...
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The Effects of The American Civil War
...Introduction  The so called war between states is a description of a war affair between the northern states in America and those in the south. The American civil war was wedged for close to four years with American and African Americans and even slaves alike. The onset of the war was in the 1860's and went through into 1865. The trigger of the war can be traced from the slavery issue and more so the extension of slavery into the western territories. The bloody combat that lasted four years saw the death of over six hundred thousand soldiers and the destruction of a huge part of the...
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