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Could have the American Civil War been avoided - Essay Example

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The debate over the American Civil War continues even today, and emotions are just as charged if one knows where to look. This complex situation was generally taught to schoolchildren as erupting over the issue of slavery. …
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Could have the American Civil War been avoided
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"Could have the American Civil War been avoided"

Download file to see previous pages Slavery was something thought to be short lived, as the North and West grew exponentially with its specialized industries and the South continued to supply the cash crops of cotton, sugar, tobacco, etc. handled and processed by slaves the Northerners could not afford, and did not believe in keeping. As time wore on and the cotton gin was invented, slavery became even more deeply a part of Southern culture; it was protected under the Constitution (because slaves were personal property), and was impossible to amend. But slavery itself was a red herring. The main complaint of the South was that the North was gaining more power in the federal government and the South no longer had a voice. The North abolished slavery on moral grounds (apparently), but Andrew Jackson, when a Mississippi senator, stated blatantly that “It is not humanity that influences you… it is that you may have a majority in the Congress of the United States and convert the Government into an engine of Northern aggrandizement… you want by an unjust system of legislation to promote the industry of the United States at the expense of the people of the South.” (Epperson, Jim, 1996). Considering the complexities around the issue of slavery (mostly economic) and the desperation of the South to hold onto their slaves along with the general concern from the North of what to do with all the slaves if they were to be freed, it doesn’t seem possible that any mind sets could be changed to prevent the war even if the issue of slavery didn’t exist. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The American Civil War, the “pursuit of happiness? Where in slavery can a slave be found to have “liberty”? Signs of the coming Civil War in the United States were clearly seen decades before the Battle at Fort Sumter began on April 12, 1861. According to the Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference, page 53, “Long before the Civil War, the terms “North” and “South” had acquired fixed geographic and cultural certainty for Americans. In 1767, two English astronomers, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, completed a survey that marked what had been a disputed boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland....
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The american civil war
...of slavery or freedom. At the same time the power that was accorded to the slave owners at this time in the national politics arena became waned while on the other hand the North and South were having divergent economies being developed (Griess 56). These situations could not help in any way to hold back the civil war from coming to a reality in America. In this paper, it is these specific events that led to the American Civil War that have been clearly analyzed so as to draw clearly the picture that gave rise to the Civil War. Sectionalism The different...
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Could 1860 Civil War Be Avoided
...which would be able to organize nation around one big aim in spite of anything. Agreeing with the fact that the Civil War is a big pain of American nation it is necessary to state that scientists, researchers, politicians, historians, and even ordinary people are still debating the topic of the Civil War for the purpose of to find a right solution for those times leaders in their willing to avert the war, but their attempts are still have no result, because it is impossible to change a history and Americans should remember own mistakes with the view of to avoid their repetition. In...
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American Civil War
...controversial because gold had been discovered in California and there was a Gold Rush. Henry Clay drafted the Compromise of 1850 that admitted California as one of the free states, and other territories such as Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico would not have slavery any more. Another development in the Compromise of 1850 was the solution to the Texas border problem. Additionally, in Columbia, the slave trade that was practised in the area was abolished, but slavery was still permitted. The Compromise of 1850 increased the number of free states, causing an imbalance between the states supporting slavery and free states. This contributed to the American Civil...
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American Civil War
...?Full s Teacher’s s American Civil War The South Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Unites s of America in the period when the Civil War took place; between 1860 and 1865. The American public was subject to several forces of division and rebellion that caused tension to a unified country. The United States was composed of states willing to overcome the rebellious calls by the group of nations referred to as the Confederacy. Secession was the theme of the Civil War where the Confederacy that constituted 11 nations, wanted to bring down the Union through their withdrawal. Certain reasons fueling the rebellion charges by the confederate stood out in the Civil War. Among the most conspicuous charges chanted by the rebellion... not...
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American Civil War
... American civil War Introduction The American civil War was fought between 1861 and 1865 and had both economics and politics as the leading causes. A common notion was that the North was no longer willing to continue with slavery as an essential part of American society. The Northern economy was mainly based on factories and wages while the South economy had large cotton plantations. The south needed slaves to work in the cotton plantations and requested for new territories to be admitted in the Union as slave states in order to prevent the slaves from joining the free territories (Arnold and Wiener 17). On the other part, North states were against slavery. The South wanted the new states to be slavery states, but the North wanted... troops...
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American Civil War
...Compare and contrast of the values embodied by Grant and Lee The War, and the Men Who Led It The American Civil War - the historical war between theUnited States (called the Union) and eleven Southern states (called the Confederate States of America, or Confederacy) brought to fore two men - two generals in the armies on the either side, who were as different as the causes they supported. While the Confederacy led by General Robert E. Lee embraced the principles of right to succession and slavery in the American society; the Union, led by General Ulysses S. Grant, opposed the expansion of slavery and wrote down any kind of right to...
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American Civil War Essay
...the crucible of war; but the war affected no group more than the four million African Americans who saw its beginning as slaves and emerged as free people" (Roark, et al; page 370). "Abraham Lincoln faced the worst crisis in the history of the nation: the threat of disunion. He revealed his strategy on March 4, 1861, in his inaugural address, firm yet conciliatory. First, he vowed to avoid any act that would push the Upper South out of the Union; second, he reassured the Lower South that the Republicans would not abolish slavery. (Roark, et al; Page 370) Always, Lincoln denied the right of secession and upheld Union. "His counterpart, Jefferson Davis, however, fully...
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American Civil War
...was intended to push through the Confederate forces. Smaller Union forces under the command of Franz Siegel and Benjamin Butler attempted to carry out missions that were to cut off supplies and reinforcements from General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. While capturing Richmond would have been a great leap towards ending the war, Grant admitted in his writings that this was actually a secondary goal. The primary objective of his campaign in the spring and summer of 1864 was to wage a war of attrition against the rebel troops. He wanted to wear them down, deplete their morale and break what remained of their allegiance to the cause of the Confederacy. While Grant...
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The American Civil War
...The American Civil War The American civil war occurred in 1861-1865 due to slavery. The war was aimed at governing the unification and independence of the Confederacy or the south. Seven undiplomatic Southern states claimed their withdrawal from the United States and thus formed Confederacy States of America. In return, the northern states and the southern states split. This paper analyzes the causes and events leading to the American Civil War. One of the causes of American civil war was the economic and social...
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