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Why were American politicians unable to fashion a compromise, as they had done in the past, to avoid a civil war in 1860 and 186 - Essay Example

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Why were American politicians unable to fashion a compromise, as they had done in the past, to avoid a civil war in 1860 and 1861?
A large group of American citizens has been wondering why American’s politicians were incapable of styling a compromise to avoid occurrence of a civil war in the year1860 and 1861. …
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Why were American politicians unable to fashion a compromise, as they had done in the past, to avoid a civil war in 1860 and 186
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Why were American politicians unable to fashion a compromise, as they had done in the past, to avoid a civil war in 1860 and 186

Download file to see previous pages... Most authors have tried to give an explanation as to why American politicians were unable to avoid the occurrence of the war in the year 1860 and 1861. This leads to a number of questions. Why and how did the status of middle class women change between the years1776 and 1876? What militaries or ideas inspired and influenced antebellum reform remake and change of American society during the antebellum years? What made Southern nations to secede from the unification in the year1860 and 1861? This essay answers these three questions, hence outlining the reasons why American politicians were unable to avoid civil war in 1860 and 1861. Northern Middle-Class Women The change of lives and status of Northern middle class women between 1776 and 1876 really influenced the occurrence of the civil war. Women with delegate credentials such Lucretia Mott were denied access to the national assembly of the World Antislavery Convention (WAC) in London (Blackstone 5). This highly resulted in protests due to rejection of gender equality. Some of the angered delegates such as Mott stormed from this gender dissatisfaction to support the protests, which contributed to the civil war (DBQ #11, Doc. #3). During this era, women were unable to occupy the ethnically fashionable “separate sphere” hence this led to gender equality violence. ...
#6). Antebellum Reforms The efforts and notions, which enthused and aggravated the antebellum reforms highly influenced the occurrence of the 1860 civil war. There is not period in the history of America that had superior efforts to change society than the preceding four years before the Civil War (DBQ #9, Doc. #1). During these four decades, there was a diversity of social problems, which came under attack (Blackstone 7). The most prominent reformer of the antebellum reform was Horace Mann. Throughout the years 1837 to 1848, this reformer (Mann) was the leader of the Massachusetts Board of Education. During his leadership, Mann was a tireless supporter of education and stated that, if the civic failed to prepare the children to be effective citizens, then the republic was to undergo destruction like other nations (DBQ #11, Doc. #4). During these years, many Americans worked tirelessly to construct public schools, improve healthcare facilities, promote women’s rights, and change criminal integrity system, and battle drunkenness and poverty. By the 1850’s, abolitionism, which was an attempt to end slavery in American became the greatest issue of the antebellum reform movement (DBQ #9, Doc. #1). According to President Jackson’s statement, “I deem man can be prominent…” quoted from (Alice 22), people are more godlike, and they were capable of eliminating any challenge and governing themselves through perfecting the institutions in order to perfect the American democracy (DBQ #11, Doc. #1). In the American history, antebellum reform comprised of frantic efforts to eradicate evils and right wrongs, which soon resulted to wars (McCutchen 33). William started publishing The Liberator in the year 1831whose aim was to motivate people to lift up the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The american civil war
It is presumed that issues that were brought about by sectionalism were the main propelling factors that drove the United States into the civil war. This was due to the expansion of territories in the nation that was forcing the nation to question on whether issue of settlement in the country were to be considered from the point of slavery or freedom.
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Researchers stated that any understanding of American nation should be based on a study of the Civil War. Kaufman stated that the Civil War defined the nation (Kaufman, 2006). It is also undoubted fact that the Revolution has made its own contribution, but exactly the Civil War made the nation stronger and identified its good and bad sides.
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If I Were the United States President During the 1860’s, How Would I Prevent the Civil War? This paper explores what measures or action would have been done to prevent armed and violent civil conflict from occurring based on personal understanding and opinion.
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When America won the war, there was a debate between Northern states who were capitalists and the Southern states which supported and practised slavery. The debate was to determine whether the new states acquired from the treaty would be recognized as free states.
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Industrialism had led to the increase in the population of the people of the Northern states of the United States of America. This meant that they had more labor and thus the output of the industries of this region increased.
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The United States was composed of states willing to overcome the rebellious calls by the group of nations referred to as the Confederacy. Secession was the theme of the Civil War where the Confederacy that constituted 11 nations, wanted to bring down the Union through their withdrawal.
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American Civil War
The Northern economy was mainly based on factories and wages while the South economy had large cotton plantations. The south needed slaves to work in the cotton plantations and requested for new territories to be admitted in the Union as slave states in order to prevent the slaves from joining the free territories (Arnold and Wiener 17).
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While the Confederacy led by General Robert E. Lee embraced the principles of right to succession and slavery in the American society; the Union, led by General Ulysses S. Grant, opposed the expansion of slavery and wrote down any kind of right to succession.
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(Roark, et al; page 369). "Slaves took the first steps toward making the war for Union also a war for freedom. For the first 18 months of the war, Union soldiers sought solely to uphold the Constitution and preserve the nation. But with the Emancipation Proclamation, the Northern war effort took on a dual purpose: to save the Union and to free the slaves." (Roark, et al; Page 370) The Civil War mobilized "the entire populations of North and South, and produced battles that fielded 200,000 soldiers and created casualties in the tens of thousands" (Roark, et al; page 370).
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The south based its economy on agriculture. Only the wealthy and influential folks who owned plantations in the South could hire, rent or own slaves. Eli Whitney’s invention boosted cotton plantations allowing the plantation owners to utilize slave labor. The north, however, was more of an industrialized region, with more entrepreneurs.
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