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History of Mexican music - Essay Example

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This essay describes the history of Mexican music. History of Mexican music represents a huge number of interesting facts and involves specific features that are peculiar to the Mexican culture and traditions. Mexican music has its roots from the sound of the drums of Mayan and Aztec ceremonies. …
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History of Mexican music
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"History of Mexican music"

Download file to see previous pages Ranchera is considered to be an outgrowth of a son. That has been “A type of song that was literally sung on a Mexican ranch, ranchera originated in the mid-19th century, just before the Mexican revolution”. Love, patriotism and nature are remained to be the most popular themes for this type of songs. Mariachi is considered to be highly popular style of music in Mexico. It consists of “at least two violins, two trumpets, a Spanish guitar, and two other types of guitars - the vihuela and guitarron”. Norteño is considered to be a more modern variant of folk music in Mexico. The matter is that “in the late 19th century European migrants brought the accordion, waltz and polka, from their homeland to Northern Mexico and the U.S. Southwest”. Local bands have adopted these instruments and establish a new genre of music.As for the popular Mexican music, there are also a huge number of variations with interesting implications and influence of modern global culture. It is possible to distinguish Latin alternative, Mexican Ska, Rock and Pop music as the basic directions of modern music.Latin alternative is considered to be a “music created by young players who have been raised not only on their parents' music but also on rock, hip-hop and electronica”. The wave of Mexican Ska has started in the 1960s when young bands and big orchestras intend to recorded ska tunes and covers of Jamaican hits. The most popular groups are Dilemma, The Chasm, Xiuhtecuhtli, Disgorge, Brujeria, Transmetal, Hacavitz, Sargatanas, Mictlayotl and others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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