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Short of Music History - Essay Example

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In this essay, the author demonstrates how African American have an African heritage which interacts with the experiences they have living in America. Also, the author describes how  African American music portrays a culture that has roots in the African continent…
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Short Essay of Music History
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Download file to see previous pages According to the text, African American music replicates the styles of music and performances that still exist in Africa. These kinds of music integrate human life experiences since the communities strongly consider music to be a fundamental part of life. According to African life and music are inseparable. Because of this, the performances of music not only signifies entertainment but also accompanies certain activities. Further, the performers enjoy close associations with the community.  Musicians therefore frequently perform music in the communities they come from and for the community members as opposed to the European culture, which solicits the service of trained musicians.
To further, explore these facts, I will visit the African cultural center and learn more about their music and its origins. This study will also encompass the uncovering the characteristics of African American music and how it relates to African culture.
I am now knowledgeable of the fact that the first African Americans in the nation came as a very small group and server as free or semi-free slaves. They held closely their cultural values even as they slowly became aware of the different cultural experiences of the Europeans. The increase in colonies and the need for workers in the plantations led to the increase of the slaves in the nation. With the continued stay in America, their familiarity with the American culture increased factors that became even more evident with the second generation African Americans. Unlike the first generation immigrants, the second generation embraced the American culture at relatively higher levels. However, the determination of the first generation African Americans to maintain their cultural values caused the community to integrate those culture for example in their music. African American music demonstrates this fact as seen in the way it expresses the culture of the African continent. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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