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How did World War II change the attitudes of women and minorities toward their status in American society - Essay Example

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The end of this second war heralded into a period of upheaval where new trends and behavior started to come up as the perception of women in the society changed in the contemporaneous…
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How did World War II change the attitudes of women and minorities toward their status in American society
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"How did World War II change the attitudes of women and minorities toward their status in American society"

Download file to see previous pages Rise of women’s organization that fought for equality in distributing jobs became evident. Society for Women Engineers (SWE) is one of the organizations that got strengthen after the war1.
The significant role that women played in the II World War portrayed them to be quite essential raising their esteem2. They dropped the self disregard and embraced a positive outlook on what potentials they have in sectors of the economy. Their social perception changed and their importance became salient.
The word war II exposed and enlightened women brought them together and sensitized them on their rights. The minority groups emerged and got united having been rejuvenated by the wars in which their importance was recognized. Black movements, disability organizations rose up steadily3.
Women and minority groups’ attitudes positively changed in view of themselves and a number of the representative organizations that are vibrant today rose. It was the realization of their potentials and capabilities having engaged in world war that strengthened them. The World War II has led to their positive attitude ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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