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What impact has the evolution of social media had on our society in regards to the products we buy and how we receive information - Essay Example

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More people in the society are acquiring skills in relation to this way of communicating online. Social media have become an important factor in the day to day activities. It is…
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What impact has the evolution of social media had on our society in regards to the products we buy and how we receive information
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"What impact has the evolution of social media had on our society in regards to the products we buy and how we receive information"

Download file to see previous pages These impacts are in regard to the products bought and how information is received.Consequently, it will discuss the influence that social media has on the decisions that people make.
The elements of social media are digital objects. They vary in sizes and are of different types. Twitter post also known as tweets have a limitation of up to 40 characters, while email messages are only a few lines of a few paragraphs in length. The variation in sizes causes dramatic patterns of interaction.MediaWiki, gives support to six levels of headers and automatically generates a table of contents, easing the creation of large pages. Social media have developed around a significant kind of a digital object. These objects include You Tube videos, Flickr photos, bookmarks at delicious, books on Amazon, music or podcast at iTunes, TV shows at Hulu, and people at facebook.Tweet at twitter, messages at discussion forums or email lists, pages at Wikipedia, products at eBay, presentations at Slide Share, 3D objects in Second life, and career professionals at LinkedIn are also some of the digital objects (Hansen, Shneiderman and Smith 15).
Social media provide avenues for people to take part in presenting their identity themselves (Al-deen and Hendricks 4).There is a great difference between online social interactions and one on one interaction in offline social networks. They offer avenues for expressing minimal restrictions. Those, that use online social networks, can give their views and ideas quite freely than in conversing one on one. The internet has improved buying and purchase power and reduced costs, reduced the barriers to enter markets, increased competition on a globally and reduced intermediation. The Internet has made every company regardless of its location easy to enter the competitive market. The internet has made it easy and less costly to advertise and for various firms to connect with their suppliers and customers (Muller 2).Users go to social media to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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