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The life of Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503) - Research Paper Example

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He was to born to Jofre Lancol and Isabella Borja, sister to Cardinal Alfonso Borja, later pope Callixtus III. Rodrigo had not yet…
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The life of Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503)
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"The life of Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503)"

Download file to see previous pages Nicole in Carcere Where he served until 1471 and became cardinal bishop of portal and dean of Sacred College called Eubel Hierachia College. In 1457, he was the vice chancellor of the roman church. He had passion in card playing, he was self disciplined in eating and drinking and worked professionally in his administrative duties. He acted in evil ways whereby towards 1470, he broke the celibacy rule of roman priesthood when he began a relationship which led to bearing children with a roman lady Vanozza Catanei and fathered four children; Juan, Caesar, Lucrezia, and Jofre (Conte 317)
He secured a two-thirds majority vote and was declared as pope in the morning of 14th august 1492, and acquired the name Pope Alexander VI. The election however was questionable but there was no evidence that Borgia had paid anyone for his election. The Romance expressed their acceptance and joy in bonfires, torch light processions, flowers and erecting triumphal arches with extravagant inscriptions. His coronation was then on 26th august.
The roman city was said to encounter lawlessness at the time when Pope Alexander VI was appointed. This is well evidenced by the many assassinations that had already taken place. Thus after his appointment and coronation he went ahead to justify his good opinion to the people by putting an end to the lawlessness. He ordered for investigation whereby every culprit behind the assassination was to be hanged and his entire family brought down. He made four districts from the then city and put magistrates in charge of justice and order, further he appointed two days weekly when people would personally present their grievances to him (Gwynne 30).
The method was within no time seen as efficient for justice restoration. He then turned to defense where he turned Mausoleum of Adrian into a fortress that would sustain a siege, fortified Torre di Nano thus secured the city from naval attacks. He transformed Leonine city to be the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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