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Alexander the Great - Essay Example

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Alexander the Great is a matter of unending excitement for the entire world. In this assignment, I have made attempts to evaluate his relationship with his illustrious father, Philip. Recently on the Web and in new cinema, various versions have been presented…
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Alexander the Great
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Extract of sample "Alexander the Great"

Download file to see previous pages His father Philip too was a great and courageous ruler. Some historians say that their relationship was volatile, while others argue that they hated one another.
Alexander and his younger sister Cleopatra, had a difficult time, owing to the mutual dislike of their parents, perhaps due to the practice of the king taking lesser wives. With Alexander supporting his much-loved mother, father must have found it difficult to control his exceptionally brave son.
Story goes that Olimpias had informed Philip that Alexander was not his son. This cannot be believed, because Olimpias was too shrewd to put her beloved son's chances into jeopardy. Philip gave acute attention to the son's education and needs and when the Prince was 16, Philip made him the Regent while going away for his campaigns. As Regent of Macedon, the young Prince subdued the rebellions and established the city of Alexandropolis, before becoming a general in the army. When Philip was injured by rioting soldiers, Alexander shielded and saved his life, a fact that Philip was supposed to have ignored earning the wrath of his son, who was, not unnaturally for his teenage was prone to temper tantrums and sulking. The famous incident of father and son at each other's throat after Philip's taking yet another new bride, and her brother's calling Alexander a bastard, perhaps never took place. There are no historical evidences for such an incident. Instead, Philip seems to have been pleased with the unnatural strength and wisdom of his brilliantly handsome son and asked him (he tamed the famous horse Bucephala, when he was only 12), to 'seek out a kingdom worthy of thyself!'
From all authentic sources Philip seems to have admired the son's great qualities. But the shadow of the mother was frequently between the father and the son. Alexander was intensely fond of his mother, which must have distanced the father who resented such closeness that had shut him out. There is also another account of Philip preferring his retarded son, Arridaeus, to Alexander. Then again, this story looks improbable, knowing Philip's character and his admiration for heroism, stunning looks and ability, all of which were available in Alexander. Philip would have never risked leaving his throne to Arridaeus, knowing fully well that the retarded Prince was incapable of keeping it without his brave brother's support and if that is the fact, what was the point in cutting out Alexander, who could usurp any moment he chose
But going through all evidences, there definitely exists certain evidence that Olimpias was exiled for a while. Perhaps, the devoted young son chose to accompany the mother, because evidence lacks to prove that he too was exiled. Philip was no fool to send away the Prince, whom he has recognised as a general of exemplary qualities. Later the quarrel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alexander the Great Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Beye, R,,& Gardner, J., Epic and Romance in the Argonautica of Apollonius.  Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1982.


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