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  This study discusses the Great Migration: definition & causes. The study analyses a challenge of more of mental, social and economic problems in the Great Migration. This was a time when African Americans were viewed as strangers and would not be required to associate with other Americans…
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The Importance of the Great Migration
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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE GREAT MIGRATION ESSAY The great migration is important to the American history as it when America faced a challenge of more of mental, social and economic problems. This was a time when African Americans were viewed as strangers and would not be required to associate with other Americans. They were searching for jobs and were discriminated because of their color.
The white would refuse to sell them land or offer houses for rent. The African American had no choice but to look for places where they would relocate and live together. The hatred was so real and at the height of the world war one. This saw many tensions and it were at this time where activist were trying to preach against discrimination. Black Americans were moving to other towns to look for jobs and employment. It was at this stage that slavery was made illegal and amenities were scarce for the black Americans.
The most common jobs for the blacks was cotton picking, and they were no school ready to accept the blacks as they were still viewed as slaves who had nothing good to offer it as this point that the white settlers would sign a pact not to sell any land to the blacks though the court had already abolished the discrimination law. It is at this time that landowners who were mostly the white would underpay and would also beat the black Americans and even kill them if they were found to have broken the law. Rampant cases of black Americans by their employers were not seen as a strange thing, and it is at this of this that activists and human rights were very active.
Discrimination among the blacks brought about rebellion and theft and shackles neighborhood came up. This was after the whites refused to sell the land the blacks would go on to live in their zones. The whites viewed the blacks a parasites and illiterates who would not survive on their own. Rural to urban migration became rampant, and this was caused by the need to look for better opportunities agrarian revolution had taken place and blacks were tired of the cotton picking jobs that were could not match their expenses.
Its importance to the American history is the steps they went through all those fighting and discrimination has made America stronger as a country the fighting of racism the sprouting of estates viewed as a no for the whites proved that hatred and racism was real. It shows the way why America should foster love and fight racism as this would strengthen them and not divide them.
Institutions are also built to promote love and also sportsmanship. It is evident that racism is a very big problem, facing America and it is only through institution and leadership that will help America forget the hatred their grandfather went through trying to search for a future in the height of hatred and bitterness. Scarce resources were experienced, and this led to people relying on handouts from the government to fend for them and it is important to view it as one of the lowest moments in the American history. Read More
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