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Slavery, Abolition and the South - Essay Example

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The Civil War was one of the most awful and most devastating wars that have never been experienced in the American History. For four lengthy and gruelling years, an army that consisted of men from both the Union and the…
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Slavery, Abolition and the South
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"Slavery, Abolition and the South"

Download file to see previous pages ed in hard battles and continued to sacrifice their lives throughout the war despite the fact that they were faced with death, being mutilated, being attacked by diseases and even being separated from their homes (Beckles 2000). Much of the fascination however is drawn from the willingness of the common Union and Confederate soldiers to engage in a war that was so ferocious and terrifying that today’s America cannot even imagine in engaging in such a fight (Blackmon 2008; Davis 1975).
In For cause and Comrades: Why Men Fought in Civil War, James McPherson, who is the author, has a unique opinion on his argument on why the soldiers initially went to war, He argues that the soldiers were encouraged to join the army as a sign of duty, loyalty and honour. He further argues that the images of manhood were just as essential to soldier motivation as group unity was. Moreover, McPherson believes that fanatic religious belief and ethnic animosity were not the main factors (McPherson 2002).
One of the most seeming motivations that spanned the entire four soldier account was the enthusiasm of a sense of nationalism by having common discussion on the preservation or creation of a new government and nation. Both the Unionist and Confederate soldiers greatly used rhetoric and the country’s symbols of freedom, legacy and the constitution in expressing their drives of volunteering for service (Shankman 2014). However the North and South had a different logic and mode of approach to the use of these symbols. The South attained their nationalism and government due to their motivation for having fought in the civil war in a more tangible way as compared to their Union counterparts (Grayling 2007; Engerman 2001).
One of the greatest seeming motivations that spanned the entire four soldier accounts was the motivation of a strong sense of patriotism by conversing the creation and or the preservation of a government and nation. Both the union and Confederate soldiers were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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