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The Contest in America - Essay Example

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This process involves the confinement of slavery within the existing limits in politics. The rationale for confinement also focuses on the incompatibility of…
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The Contest in America
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Extract of sample "The Contest in America"

The Contest in America; Death Warranty of Slavery Death Warranty of Slavery Qn1. Whataccording to Mill is the “death-warrant” of slavery? Why?
1According to Mill (1892), the death warranty of slavery refers to the continuous process leading to the end of slavery. This process involves the confinement of slavery within the existing limits in politics. The rationale for confinement also focuses on the incompatibility of the labor services obtained through slavery with those from skilled labor. The death warranty of slavery represents its doom. It is the day when slavery will fail to extend itself. 2Mill (1892) presents the survival of slavery as a matter between life and death based on the evolution of agriculture. The mitigation and extinction of slavery is inevitable because the reforms in agriculture cannot accommodate the dynamics of slavery.
In support of Mill’s statement, consider his explanation that, the demise of slavery is brought by political developments. The major political development leading to the death warrant for slavery is the formation of the Republican Party. The Republicans aim at uniting the northern and southern regions of America. However, each region has different views on slavery. The north has to outlaw slavery for the union to work. Stuart Mill argues that the desire to unite these region impacts more on slavery compared to abolitionists. Although the Republican Party is the brainchild of slave owners, it shifts its focus towards the abolition of poverty. The Republican Party takes arms against slavery and its extension; thus, signs the death warranty for slavery.
Agrarian revolution symbolizes the death of slavery. The incompatibility of slavery with any sought of skilled labor prevents diversification of produce. 3Mill considers that the main crops cultivated using slaves can no longer be produced on the same land. Consequently, it is possible that slavery may die out because the farmers cannot find new fields that need slave labor. The death warranty of slavery comes from the depreciation of the pecuniary value of labor due to liberalization of production options.
Slavery presents challenges that could evoke civil war. The North American region may fight the South American region. In case the south is not put down, the contest will become an anti-slavery one. Stuart Mill hopes that war continues for a long time so that it can regenerate American people. Therefore, the contest in America will focus on the abolition of slavery. It is evident that Mill’s statement, death of slavery comes from the possibility that slavery will come to an end. The war will mark the abolition of slavery; thus, its beginning is the death warrant for slavery.
The rebellion of the south is the death warranty of slavery. Formation of institutions opposed to inhuman acts such as lynching forms the basis for the rebellion. 4According to Mill (1892) the south claims that it has a right to separate since based on the disagreement of principles. The south does not conceal its purpose and principles that lead to the contest. In fact, the establishment of distinct principles by the south, indicate the initial stages of slavery’s demise. It is important to note that, the south insists in a republic whether black or white. Therefore, the involvement of the black people in the government marks the end of slavery. In conclusion, it is right to state that the separation of the south from the north is the death warranty of slavery.
John, Mill Stuart. The Contest in America. ed. New York: Cosimo Classics, 1892 Read More
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