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FINAL EXAM . strengths and weaknesses in american society between 1900 and present - Term Paper Example

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Several laws passed in America were influential in advocating political rights of citizens. Besides political progress, America underwent diverse cultural and social reforms since 1900 to…
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FINAL EXAM PAPER. strengths and weaknesses in american society between 1900 and present
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"FINAL EXAM . strengths and weaknesses in american society between 1900 and present"

Download file to see previous pages The 20th century started with the passing of the Gold Standard Act, which controlled the value of the dollar (McCulley 39). In 1901, inclusion of Cherokee, Seminole, Muscogee, Chickasaw and the Choctaw boosted cultural diversification of America. In 1907, America experienced a state of economic panic caused by a fall in the stock market (U.S. Department of the Treasury 1). The incidence affected the country’s economic performance. The year 1924 saw the granting of citizenship to Indians through the enactment of the Indian Citizenship Act (Sadiq 11). The year 1991 saw the involvement of America in the formulation of the treaty of Versailles, which positioned her as an influential country in the world. The American art industry saw which covered the civil war and the aftermath consequences. The film also featured the incidence during the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Arnold Schoenberg influenced the music industry through the development of the twelve-tone music composition method. The year 1917 saw the buying of a war bond by the America as an initiative to support war against the central powers. Eliot, T.S. wrote the poem “The Waste Land” poem, which covers the cultural problems that resulted after the World War I. The poem marked a revolution in the art sector of the country.
The Great Depression started in 1929. The consequences of the incidence were increased unemployment and the massive closure of many of the U.S banks. Franklin Roosevelt advocated the New Deal in 1933, whose aims were to set up programs to solve the economic state of the country (Boyer et al. 737). The primary social occurrence of this period was the increased support of the isolationism. Due to the profound negative effects of the world war, the Americans thought that it was wise to withdraw from their involvement in the European issues.
In 1938, Mexico expropriated foreign oil companies operating in the country. As a reaction to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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FINAL EXAM PAPER. Strengths and Weaknesses in American Society Between Term Paper.
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