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Political Functions of London and Cairo in 1600 and 1800 - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Political functions of London and Cairo in 1600 and 1800 Cairo and London are some of the world-renowned largest cities in the current society and the time before. During the period of 1600 and 1800, these cities were influenced by political systems…
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Political Functions of London and Cairo in 1600 and 1800
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Download file to see previous pages 1During the 17th century, geographical growth was notable in Cairo under the control of Ottomans who were striving to expand the city’s borders from Citadel. Modernization of the city was noted in the 19th century upon entry of the Britons into the region. On the other hand, England’s capital city London was established over 2000 years ago. 2Over this time, London has been acclaimed for its important cultural and financial capitals despite the devastating fires, plague, terrorist attacks, aerial bombardments, and civil wars. Expansion of the city was realized in the 17th century (Hindley 57). Records have shown that Cairo has played an important role in the history of the world. Its influence led its recognition as the “mother of the world” among the Arab world. During the period 1600 to 1800, Cairo’s political influence was manifested in the Islamic period under the Ottoman dynasty. The Ottoman dynasty had a vast political influence on Cairo city both in the urban and rural settings. 3Cultural settings of most communities were sustained such as Jewish and Christian among the Armenians and Balkans. Several centers emerged from the aristocratic families’ homes and coffeehouses. ...
As a result, land holdings were re-evaluated whereby large portions were subdivided into smaller pieces that were distributed to tenant farmers. Cairo’s rulers reserved some large portions of lands for scientific purposes such as research. Therefore, Cairo served as pivotal administrative point for all regulations related to rural areas. Similarly, Cairo’s political influence was noted in its attempt to promote economic, educational, and security development (Shaw 168). On the other hand, political system’s influence in London in the 19th century was exemplified by the exponential growth because of establishment of Industrial Revolution and British Empire. Consequently, London city expanded and became to be regarded as the Greater London and into a giant metropolis (Hindley 127). At the end of this century, London had experienced tremendous advancements in technology. 5Administrative influence of London city saw the construction of London Bridge in 1800. Under the leadership of King James I, the puritans were denied their grants to several reforms. Political influence led to abolition of Bishops in London. However due to conflicts, the puritans managed to defeat King James I upon formation of a strong bond within the parliamentary party (Masters et al 183). The first form of an organized government in London was formed in 1888 through the local government. The basis of administration was in regard to the counties. Moreover, the 1894 local act initiated localized administration in London since it aimed at dividing the city into urban and rural districts. Therefore, localized system of governance was the first advancement that political influence enacted (Hindley p.146). Due to these legislations, civil parishes were established in London city. An ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political Functions of London and Cairo in 1600 and 1800 Research Paper.
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