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Did the Treaty of Versailles cause World War II - Essay Example

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The treaty was intended to bring peace between these two sides while avoiding any chances of emergence of another similar war. The treaty, however,…
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Did the Treaty of Versailles cause World War II
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Did the Treaty of Versailles cause World War II

Download file to see previous pages... oposals were effective in ending the first war and initiated a peaceful dialogue among the nations2. However, France’s Georges Clemenceau, supported by David Lloyd of Britain, wanted revenge. Germany could not compromise its superiority. France’s intentions were mainly to suppress Germany and did not consider its grievances.
Among the main driving factors to WW2 is the provision of the treaty that Germany was to pat for the damage. The provision in article 231 of the treaty, known as war guilt clause, had a major role in initiating WW2. Economic rebuilding of Europe was a key provision of the treaty3. France attempted to devise strategies that impose limitations on the economic recovery and consequent rearmament of Germany. To achieve its mission, French administration advocated that Germany should account for the damage caused by the war. The economic suppression caused an inward rebellion on the treaty and making Germans seek any possible opportunity to break away from the treaty. This had the effect of making the Germans give total support to any radical leader who would promise to offer them freedom from the liability such as Adolf Hitler.
Another humiliation to Germany was on the directive to disarm and the limitation on army. They were not supposed to have an air force while opening crime cases on its leaders suspected to have caused ww1. Sovereignty of Germany was undermined by the condition that the ships its mercantile marine were to be taken by the allies and there were to make more for them henceforth.
According to the treaty, boundaries of Germany were to be reestablished as well as lose its colonies. This instilled further economic strain on Germany while causing shame to it. This resulted in resentment against the treaty and its provisions. As a result, political parties were formed. This made Germans have the urge to secure more land, which was seen in the invasion of such as Poland and Russia.
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