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World Civilization II Unit 5 - Research Paper Example

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One of issues is war. One of the significant wars was World War I. many factors caused the war. Moreover, the war led to several consequences that continue to affect the world today (Haley, 2014). The paper…
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World Civilization II Unit 5
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Extract of sample "World Civilization II Unit 5"

Identification Number Number and Assignment Number and World Civilization II Unit 5 There are various things that have occurred in the world in the past. One of issues is war. One of the significant wars was World War I. many factors caused the war. Moreover, the war led to several consequences that continue to affect the world today (Haley, 2014). The paper seeks to address the effects of World War I.
World War I had various effects. It led to the collapse of the Empire, the Russian Revolution and the collapse of the Hapsburg Monarchy (Haley, 2014). Additionally, World War I led to the change of the world politics especially in Europe and the Middle East. World War I also led to another revolution that brought Adolf Hitler to power. World War I also caused world instability that would not be enjoyed for thousands of years to come. The war also led to mass loss of millions of lives of civilians and soldiers. It is estimated that about 1.39 million soldiers died in which the British deaths were 800,000 (Haley, 2014). The war also led to signing of Treaty of Versailles that precipitated the rise of second major war (Grimshaw, 2008).
The other major consequences were felt in Germany. It made Germany lose its territory and greatly affected the economy of German. The major of aim of the treaty was to make Germany a weak country (Haley, 2014). After Hitler had come to power, he knew that the only way to liberate his country from economic sabotage is through war.
Additionally, the League of Nations failed to keep the peace (Haley, 2014). In this scenario, most countries abandoned the League of Nations resulting in its closure. Since there was no international body to prevent world wars, this lead to the outbreak of the second world war in 1939 (Haley, 2014).
In conclusion, the First World War resulted in the long-term effects on the world. There was mass loss of life and property, and infrastructure was destroyed. An example of this defect includes children being born with abnormalities resulting from this war. The problems associated with WWI led to the outbreak of WW2. The Treaty of Versailles was a major contributor of the war because it directly had an economic sabotage on German (Grimshaw, 2008). It is clear that various effects of the war are evident in different parts of the world up to date.
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(World Civilization II Unit 5 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
World Civilization II Unit 5 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“World Civilization II Unit 5 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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