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Was the Versailles Settlement Just - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Was the Versailles Settlement Just" highlights that a War of such magnitude that has left the living with the memories of the loss they have suffered cannot be caused single-handedly. Both Allies and the Axis were equally responsible for the devastation…
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Was the Versailles Settlement Just
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Download file to see previous pages Though Versailles Treaty was aimed at ensuring peace across the world and also attempted to reorganize the nations to take the world out of the ashes of destruction that purpose was not served perfectly. As the allied force triumphed over the axis power and it received almost an unacknowledged authority over political affairs of Europe as well as of the whole world, with the intention to affirm their position further they cornered the triumphed nations, depriving those of all sorts of facilities and cooperation from the other countries. The Versailles treaty was one of the most important steps of the triumphing nations to impose political isolation over the defeated countries. Nations belonging to the allied party presumed that through such political isolation these nations would be weakened accordingly; consequently, it will also act as the last nail over the coffin. However, the situation did not finally turn up as nations of the allied force actually planned. The deprived nations though were momentarily subdued, but gradually they were gathering power inside to attain back the supremacy that they were deprived of in an unrighteous manner and finally the whole process led to resulting in the outbreak of the Great War II. Looking at the whole situation from this perspective we can say that the Versailles treaty was one of the main causes that already prepared for the foundation of World War II.
Thesis : The struggle for power and political supremacy that once commenced with the Great War I, resulted in prevailing devastation across the globe, took a written form through the Versailles treaty and the injustice that the allied nations inflicted over the defeated, ultimately led to the worse devastation and mass killing that the world witnessed in the form of the Great War II. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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