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At some point in history, it rather seems the United States was not involved in the First World War. However, after the German announcement of unrestricted submarine…
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The Treaty of Versailles
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The Treaty of Versailles In a long time, the United s has been known for her magnificent political prowess and military strategies. At some point in history, it rather seems the United States was not involved in the First World War. However, after the German announcement of unrestricted submarine warfare and a subsequent sinking of ships with the Americans on board in 1917, the U.S. got involved in the war (Roark et al. p.15). The principles of peace and justice were well vocalized among the world leaders, but President Wilson’s subject of a vindicate peace and justice call, in his 14-point speech, had a territorial and political settlement proposals. Certainly after President Wilson’s 14 points speech, it was clear though that the U.S. interest went beyond the defense of its marine.
Out of the famous ‘Fourteen Point’ 1918 speech from which the President hoped to bring a ‘‘peace without victory’’, eight of the points directly dealt with territorial and political settlements. These points extended to the ideology of self-rule nationalism in various ethnic populations in Europe. The rest focused on prevention of future war. As stated by Roark et al. (p.25-9), when negotiating the Versailles Treaty, Wilson used the Fourteen Points as the foundation that ended the First World War. His role in the conference that led to the Treaty felt like some of his points were adopted while others were not.
In what seemed like failed American ratification of the war, League of Nations was created, freedom of the sea, creation of Poland, reduction of armaments, and independence for Turkey and other nations were agreed upon from Wilson’s Fourteen points scheme. However, the political interest with which the President negotiated using his Fourteen Points scheme failed to be adopted fully. Even though the treaty was not fully keen on the U.S. ‘‘unselfish’’ vision, Wilson’s Fourteen Points is still memorial and powerful assertion of the real strain in the American diplomatic history.
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The Treaty of Versailles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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