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I agree with you that Mesopotamians had a lot to contribute to science, government and medicine. Mesopotamians fascinate me with their curiosity for detail and their ease of finding solutions to problems they face or things they do not understand…
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Sumerian, Assyrian and Mesopotamian contribution
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HISTORY Part I agree with you that Mesopotamians had a lot to contribute to science, government and medicine. Mesopotamians fascinate me with their curiosity for detail and their ease of finding solutions to problems they face or things they do not understand.
In science, their contribution to calculating time and the movements of heavenly bodies is the foundation of understanding and study of heavenly bodies. Their attention to balance their accounting is the reason we have accounting. In medicine, they made inventories of different signs and symptoms of a range of diseases that the physicians encountered that piqued their curiosity1.
To be successful, the physicians, who performed operations did that without the patient dying if the patient died then they would also die. The idea is to deliver the patient alive incentive for the physicians to be well respected for their services.
The Mesopotamians had government structure that had councils that debated and weighed on decisions. Art was that of their Gods and their leaders as documented. The Mesopotamians had keenness that is fascinating, and which gave them the necessary devotion and motivation to do what they specialized in, in their various roles.
Part 2
I agree with you, the Assyrian society, indeed made progress in their art making. Considering the facts that they made images of their leaders, the images humanization in a distinguishable way that showed who is who. They also dealt in metal works and proofs go to the pieces that are available today that were done by their metal smiths.
The expertise and manner of making, which showed the skill in their metal Smith`s knowledge. The Assyrians made progress in building materials like making enameled bricks that increased the beauty of the building2. The Assyrians also knew how to make and color glass and as you said this is a significant step during the time in their chemistry knowledge.
In the field of medicine, they could identify the disease, though they had beliefs of other influences of cause of the sicknesses, its cause and if it could be passed on from one person to another. They invented medicine for most of the maladies and left enough information for most of these diseases. They also knew how to clean wounds and prevent infection.
Part 3
I agree with you; Sumerians indeed contributed a feature that at the time was hard to achieve without the use of ropes and knots. The keenness required to make this happen was hard to achieve and divide the time equally. The time that they divided is the same one we use currently.
Another contribution that the Sumerians` aided in the future is in the field of mathematics. The government was centralized and monarchical, and their leader was considered divine and the rest of the government officials were religious too. The art of the Sumerians and other forms of written history are mostly done in clay tablets3.
Their creation story equates that of the bible. The Sumerian knowledge of medicine is very shallow and based on the spiritual aspect of their religion and basic bandaging of wounds. The Sumerians were a very interesting community, their culture; education writing forms were clay tablets for those that were well off and papyrus for those that were middle and poor class. The divisions based on classes that are still there in this time interests me as it has been there since the Sumerian time.
Bertman, Stephen. 2003. Handbook to life in ancient Mesopotamia. Oxford: Oxford University
Press. Read More
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