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Reaction about enlightenment - Essay Example

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He thus engaged in wars with Australia in a bid to capture the prosperous province of Silesia. Frederick reformed the judicial system by permitting men out of the…
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Reaction essay about enlightenment
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"Reaction about enlightenment"

Download file to see previous pages While Frederick was a diehard supporter of both art and philosophy, he came up with some laws that barred the press freedom. However, the freedom that the press enjoyed under him was comparatively laudable. Frederick advocated for agricultural reforms and sought to bring as many colonists as possible under Prussia. To achieve this, he repeatedly de-linked himself from ideas of nationality or religious affiliations. Instead, he made the Prussians understand that a person’s nationality or religion was of little concern to him. This triggered massive immigration into Prussia thus setting a stage of quick recovery of his nation that had suffered great losses from the wars. Also, similar to leading personalities in the Age of Enlightenment, Frederick was linked to Freemasonry and his adherence made the group legitimate as well as protected their interests.
A reflection of some of the reforms that Frederick the Great made or sought to accomplish, as well as the laws which were passed under his regime clearly sets him apart as an enlightened absolutions. Essentially, enlightened leaders embraced the ideals of the Enlightenment, more so its insistence on governance through rationalities. During his childhood, Frederick was tutored by French instructors who not only instilled French culture in him, but also introduced him to both the Roman and Greek classical literature. However, his father was against this and wanted his son to study matters pertaining to politics and military. Following an attempt by Frederick and his friend to escape across the border away from his father’s regime, he had to suffer prison term after his arrest. Also, he had to watch his friend being beheaded for the same mistake. This perhaps informs his decision to revamp the judicial system, bring to an end torture, and establish Prussia’s first criminal code. The age of Enlightenment was also characterised by territorial protection and economic empowerment. Frederick was keen to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reaction Essay about Enlightenment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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