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The unwillingness of Nicholas II to become the czar of Russia in 1894 after the death of his father contributed significantly to his incapability in offering good leadership to the Russians (Pipes, 2011). The lack of leadership skills and desire for leadership, made Nicholas…
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Nicholas II
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Nicholas II The unwillingness of Nicholas II to become the czar of Russia in 1894 after the death ofhis father contributed significantly to his incapability in offering good leadership to the Russians (Pipes, 2011). The lack of leadership skills and desire for leadership, made Nicholas rely on the pieces of advices provided to him by his wife in leading the Russians. This habitual practice made him find it hard not only to recognize the problems of Russians, but also to solve them. Nicholas was also very reluctant in making major reforms and decisions that could aid in solving Russia’s problems. Additionally, Nicholas not only relied on individuals who supported his ideas, but also enhanced autocracy. This incompetence in leadership catalyzed the problems Russians were going through.
During the reign of Nicholas II, Russians experienced many problems as a result of Nicholas II incompetency. Russia lagged behind in terms of agriculture, commerce and industrialization (Hosking, 1993). Famine as well as high level of illiteracy also posed great challenge to the Russians whose population was increasing exponentially; people were allowed to cultivate and grow crops in traces of lands. Additionally, majority of the peasants were also very poor; they did not afford fertilizers leading to unproductive forms of agriculture. In addition, majority of the peasants were also unhealthy.
In running Russia, Nicholas employed autocratic policies (Hosking, 1993). He believed in himself and wanted everything to be done according to his will. He also advocated foreign policies; he influenced the International Peace Conference that met at The Hague to promote universal peace. Additionally, Nicholas enhanced tsarist policies that that began in 1533 in leading Russians. In his reign as a czar, Nicholas rejected some policies that he considered threats to his leadership (Pipes, 2011). For instance, he highly rejected Russification policy. According to him, this policy was aimed at weakening his autocracy as well as the empire’s political stability.
Hosking, G. (1993). The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within. New York: Harvard University Press.
Pipes, R. (2011). The Russian Revolution. New York: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Read More
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