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What lessons could the Tsars government have learnt from 1891-1892 but have not - Essay Example

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Towards the end of the 19th century, the Tsars government plunged into social, economic, and political crisis that resulted from a…
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What lessons could the Tsars government have learnt from 1891-1892 but have not
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Extract of sample "What lessons could the Tsars government have learnt from 1891-1892 but have not"

Download file to see previous pages The 1891-1892 crises brought a number of issues to the attention of Tsars government. On the same note, the crisis was full of lessons that the government learnt by the time the famine issue was alleviated. To start with, the government acknowledged that the society was facing a critical problem that directly affected the peasant. In this regard, the government became conscious that it had a critical role to play in addressing public welfare concerns.
The Tsars government realized that public efforts that would address social, economic, and political needs in the society could not be one-man’s job. Cooperation and collaboration was essential in the process of ensuring that all the underlying issues in the context of the famine were addressed. Over and above this, no one was immune to the famine crisis. While the peasants suffered from hunger and lack of enough supplies, the government was being deprived of its due taxes that the peasants paid.
The 1891-1892 famine crises were consequential in nature. In other words, one thing led to another; from lack of adequate grains to the emergence of diseases. In this respect, the government had to rethink its leadership and strategies. However, the issue of power and authority redistribution was still critical due to the fact the Tsars government possessed the ultimate power and authority over the peasants. This challenged the implementation of social changes even after the government had learnt the aforementioned lessons.
On the other hand, the famine that hit Russia between 1891and 1892 was not necessarily a way for the government to learn all it needed to. Even after the famine problem was solved, the government was still lacking in terms of possible lessons that it could have learnt from the 1891-1892 problem. Concentration of power and authority was still eminent, a situation that it made it harder ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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