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Rasputin and the fall of the Romanovs - Term Paper Example

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Rasputin and the Fall of the Romanovs Subject: Professor: April 22, 2013 Abstract Rasputin should have done better to stop the fall of the Romanovs. The research shows that Rasputin contributed to the downfall of the Romanovs. Gregory Rasputin had exercised significant influence on the Russian Tsar’s family…
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Rasputin and the fall of the Romanovs
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"Rasputin and the fall of the Romanovs"

Download file to see previous pages Rasputin played a very significant part in the fall of the Romanovs. Rasputin and the fall of the Romanovs Introduction Rasputin could have done better to prevent the fall of the Romanovs. The research delves on Rasputin’s role in the downfall of the Romanovs. The research delves on role of Rasputin in preventing the people’s uprising. Rasputin was instrumental in the fall of the Romanovs. Gregory Rasputin had exercised significant influence on the Russian Tsar’s family (Thompson, 1991). However, Rasputin was not the only individual who exercised a huge influence on the Russian Tsar’s family. Prior to Rasputin, there were other individuals who had exercised a similar or even greater hold on the Tsar’s family. Most Russian villages had their own share of holy fools. For hundreds of years, the Russian villages had to contend with the different holy fools of their own. During other time periods, the holy fools were sometimes naked. On other occasions, the holy fools were described as unwashed. Sometimes, the holy fools were dirty. Further, another group of holy fools used queer attires. All the holy fools had one very similar trait. The similar trait is that they literally wreaked havoc on the community’s once peaceful environment. The holy fools exercised religious influence on the affected community. As expected, the pronouncements of the holy fools triggered many controversies. Some of the holy fools espoused premarital sex. History shows that the holy fools belonged to a long line of Russian Shamans. The Shamans used many decorations to improve their physical appearances. The Shamans used metal and other accessories in order to attract attention (Thompson, 1991). As expected, the Holy fool concept creates an impression where Russian government’s leadership is excellent. The Holy fool concept espoused by Rasputin triggered the expected collapse of the Tsar government. The Holy fool concept indicated that the people on the outskirts of the Tsar’s Russian community. The Holy fool, Rasputin, was able to create a false impression that there are rumors A group of rebels were about to stage several attacks on the Russian Tsar’s Kingdom. The attacks would initially crop up in the Russian countryside (Thompson, 1991). As expected, the religious leaders of the Orthodox religion focused on ejecting the holy fools from Russian society. The religious leaders felt that excess efforts are needed to prevent the growing spread of the holy fools’ false teachings. Divulging the false teachings of the holy fools would benefit the Russian church leaders. The divulging would prevent the holy fools from injecting false doctrines on the unsuspecting and confused Russian public. One of the victims of the holy fools is Russian Tsar’s family (Thompson, 1991). Further, it is very clear that Rasputin, a holy fool, was instrumental in sparking the downfall of the Russian Tsar Nicholas’ empire (Sarah, 2010). The Tsar had intended to give his throne to his brother. The Tsar could not give the Russian empire’s throne to his son on the ground of fitness. The son’s sickly and weak physical condition could hinder a normal management of the huge Russian government. However, The Tsar’s brother refused to accept the Tsar’s juicy offer. With no one eager or able royal family member eager to receive the Russian throne, the Tsar’s time as ruler of Russia was slowly being trimmed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rasputin and the Fall of the Romanovs Term Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1474531-rasputin-and-the-fall-of-the-romanovs.
“Rasputin and the Fall of the Romanovs Term Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1474531-rasputin-and-the-fall-of-the-romanovs.
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